non-tokidoki *gasp* lesportsac stuff?

  1. i always liked the LIPPICAT print (pink leopard) that came out a while back. it's pretty HTF now i guess, so i bought a large cosmetic off of eBay recently.

    what non-toki LSS items do you guys like? i kinda want a LSS backpack, but none of the current prints are really speaking to me.
  2. I wanted to get one of the Garment Bags, I didn't realize they were expensive tho!
  3. i like this pandacosmeticbag. heh.
  4. oooh that panda bag is cute!

    i guess that lippicat bag i got is toki related coz i got a pink cat toki qee with it too!
  5. I have a little pouch style bag in this print. :smile: It was only $10 so I let go of having a portatelefono as a Game Boy carrier! XD
  6. i saw a couple of bags in that print at my ross. they were cute, but the colors weren't bright enough for me! hah.
  7. :tup: That was my panda bear cosmetic bag!
  8. I like the aliens and the panda, what does SH carry of Non-Toki, anyone know? I'd contemplated getting some from eBay but I don't know prices and such and what's at the outlets etc.
  9. luv my OC comix catcher bag....have had so many complements on it and it just looks so cool! very eye-catching. plus it came with a great cell phone case....out of the OC lesportsac line, this bag was the only one i liked. it has similar metal buckles that are on the LAMB bags, but not the LAMB price, altho it is still a limited edition designed by an artist......just love the colours....goes with pratically anything and makes a statment!!! plus the size is really useful, so its practical too! ;)
  10. I love the L.A.M.B by Lesportsac line and yeap, it is very pricey now. Also a fan of their Tribeca Totes and the Small Travel Totes.
  11. I own a panda cosmetic bag ^__^ my cousin gave it to me for christmas :heart: It's cute.
  12. I like the panda one too!! I really like the other lesportsac bags tho... the big one's w/ locks O_O I'd love it if the bigger tokidoki one's had locks also on the zipper... they're so handy for travelling I must get it!
  13. I have an OC coco rose (the black one w/the pink rose on the front) I forget the style, but its not the super small shoulder one - I just called it "the Marissa Bag" cuz i LOVED the OC :sad:
  14. the funny thing is i never watched the OC, but luve my OC bag....i know they cancelled it, but hey, that makes our OC bags more collectable! LOLOLOL :tup:
  15. ive seen a few of them in Marshalls & Century 21 for like, 70% off... I kinda want to get another one, but havent really seen one worth it.