Non-Tiffany diamond set in a Tiffany chain

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  1. I've been a fan of the DBTY style for a long time and have been debating whether or not to go for one. I love the style, but sometimes I feel like the diamond is small for the price you're paying. I know that there are many options in going the custom route, but I don't have a jeweler and I'm quite particular about the way the chain and bezel looks. I recently came across a seller offering a non-Tiffany diamond that was set on a yellow gold tiffany chain in the DBTY style. I don't mind that the diamond is not from Tiffany as long as it's cut well and sparkly, but I'm wondering if it's weird and am still debating. Obviously, since the diamond is not set by Tiffany, it's a better deal in terms of carat size. necklace.jpg What do you ladies think?
  2. Doesn't matter what size this diamont is, the setting looks ugly.
    Bezel is not correct.
  3. I agree with Liz, the bezel is horrible. Look for other reputable online vendors who makes DBTYs or save up for one from Tiffany. I own 5 DBTYs and I do not regret my purchases.
  4. Bezel is not perfect unfortunatelly..
  5. I agree with bezel setting not looking perfectly symmetrical. Between my DDs and I we have a few Tiffany _BTY (aqua and pink). I love T but went with for my DBTY. It does slide towards my back but I think a lot of people complain about that issue. I was at ID jewelry (NY and they have an online site) and purchased two for DDs. They are a good alternative economical version but it looks like the bezel is stretched to attach the chain. Def not the quality work of Brain Gavin or T.

    But, I personally would not go with the DBTY just because it is on the T chain. I do not think it is the chain that makes it special.
  6. So wait what? Someone took their authentic piece and had the stone removed and a jeweler reset something else in it? Obviously poorly? Just no.
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  7. nice stone, poor craftsmanship.
  8. What a waste of an authentic piece!

    I agree with everyone else here; you can have one made. You can also look for authentic pre-owned pieces. has them appear every so often
  9. omg why would someone do this? It's not always the size of a diamond but how well a piece is made. I have seen so many copycats out there but nobody even comes closer to Tiffany's dbty.
  10. I had a SA from T mistake my DBTY from Brian Gavin as theirs. I was getting two keys cleaned and that was the only chain I had. So I gave her everything to clean. When she came back she said that my DBTY is even more sparkly. I did admit that it was not T's. She said the only thing that threw her off was the o ring added to make it from 16 to 18. But, I was shocked she Didn't say anything how the bezel was set differently, etc.

    My dh thinks that my DBTY is a crystal and said you even have the SA thinking thst thing is real and theirs. I said it is a very similar piece. Lol!
  11. The bezel doesn't look good and I have a hard time wrapping my head around why someone would switch out the stone onto a Tiffany chain. There's nothing to be ashamed of if its not Tiffany. I also don't agree that t's DBTY is the best. I've had DBTY's from t's that I sold and I have had customs made by Brian Gavin in half carat each 3 stone bracelets and I've done comparisons under the loupe. Being as anal and detailed as I am, the Brian Gavin DBTY wins by a mile. It's perfectly rounded with all the right placements, where the bezel wraps the stone just right, the placement of the stone is properly leveled within the bezel etc etc. I won't bore u with too much detail.

    I would suggest you to look elsewhere, there are so many jewelers out there. Also, the sparkle in the stone is cut. Cut is king. The brand has nothing to do with the way the stone performs. Good luck deciding.
  12. I think you should keep looking. The bezel on this one looks a little overworked. If it's a Tiffany DBTY look that you want, you may not be happy with anything else. There are many DBTYs out there that have fine, delicate chains but, if you think you are settling for something, you may still wish you had the Tiffany.
  13. Hey there!

    To me the bezel does not look right. I would worry you could lose the stone. If you are a big fan of the DBTY may save up and get an authentic second hand, or save and get the one you really want from TCo.

    I think if you purchase this one you will regret it.
  14. It defiantly looks sloppy I wouldn't waist your hard earned money on that.