Non-Stress Test Experiences

  1. Since I have gestational diabetes I have to take a non-stress test twice a week. I had my first one today and since I am on a strict diabetic menu had my little half-sandwhich prior to my test. They hooked me up to the monitor but for 40 minutes were unable to establish my baby's baseline heartbeat since he was moving all over the womb. I go back on Thursday to try again and will be having my snack after the test. The great thing about the test was that I got to see little boy on the ultrasound. He was punching me over and over again and was sooo cute.

    Anyhow, anyone else have this experience? Can't seem to find anything on the web describing it.
  2. I have my gestational diabetes test tomorrow~ I have not had the experience that you have had with it, I am sorry I cannot be more help. I will ask my DR. tomorrow if he has any information on it;)
  3. Since my last baby measured VERY large for gestational age and I had polyhydramnios, I also had NSTs regularly toward the end of my pg. The tests are so fickle. Sometimes it is a problem when you have had a snack and the baby moves so much they cannot get a decent measure of the heartbeat; other times the baby is sleepy and they have to send you for a quick ultrasound to make sure everything is normal! I had one NST where they couldn't get any movement or accelerations in the heartbeat so they sent me downstairs for an ultrasound. By the time I got there, the baby was awake and moving so much they could barely monitor her!

    While it is a hassle to go in twice a week, is is nice to be able to hear the heartbeat regularly. It also felt like the only time I could relax near the end of my pg! Good luck with your NSTs, and I wish you a healthy and happy delivery. Are you inducing early due to size or scheduling a c-section due to the gestational diabetes? I had a c-section due to size (11-1/2 lb at 38 weeks), but never tested positive for GD, despite having a finger prick at every visit in the last 6 weeks (I passed the 1 hour and the 3 hour, but they assumed I had to have developed it later due to the baby's size).
  4. Thanks Ghost and HauteMama!

    HauteMama--I really appreicate your post, that's exctly what I wanted to hear. Luckily the NSTs that I take are in the same place as the US so I'll get both everytime I go (yippy!!). The nurse that was reading me just made it seem like this has never happened before and I couldn't find anything on the web. I did eat a snack right before I went in since that's the time my schedule GD snack is. When I go on the Thursday I am going to try and hold off until afterwards.

    So far they haven't tried to guess size so not sure if they'll induce or not. my first was born at 39 weeks a petite 5 pounds. Dr. said I am measuring about right (34 cms at 35 weeks) and when she checked me today was a 0cm so no dilation yet. We'll see what she says when I go back next week. I don't mind inducing but don't want a Csection if possible.

    Thanks again!
  5. Okay, I was totally going to ask the DR. about the stress test but he was rushing me out and I forgot. I am sorry. I am happy though that Hautemama had some info for you. Take care~ J:heart:
  6. Not a prob. Ghost...hope your appt. went okay and that you're feeling better!

  7. No answers but I also think it's because of the snack. Sending good vibes for your next test. Lucky got to see baby.