non sticky lipgloss?

  1. my latest lip gloss acquitions were shieido and laura mercier bitten gloss, (sorry i cant spell today lol) but they were kind of sticky, are there any that gives a enhanced natural color without it being sticky?
  2. i hear from my friends,
    dior plastic
    lancome juicy tube
  3. I just purchased a Chanel lipgloss and it is fabulous!!!
  4. whao!! juicy tubes are really really sticky in my opinion! the dior addict is good though, and lancome shine collection.
  5. Lancome "Stargloss" and Chanel "Glossimers" are very nice & are not sticky.
  6. I have found that if I apply a petroleum-based lip balm to my lips first, then the lip gloss on top is much less sticky.

    The best lip balm in the world is Eucerin's Aquaphor, by the way.
  7. I agree with Jane, if you put on a chapstick before you put on lipgloss, no lipgloss is sticky.

    but without the lip balm, I do think Lancome Juicy Tubes are sticky.

    I love:

    Prescriptives something...I don't remember the name but the colors are named like Stellar and stuff, and it's in a cute little hourglass-looking tube with a metal top.
    Dior Plastic is AWESOME.
  8. I have got to find some non-sticky lip gloss...all my mac gloss get on my nerves- it is a gorgeous color, but I can't drive with the window down because my hair blows and sticks on my lips, then smears the gloss all over my face as the wind whirls it ends up being a big ol mess!
  9. chanel cristalle gloss is not sticky at all and also DiorKiss is good also :smile:
  10. Dior Addict, also Armani has nice non sticky glosses.
  11. I've always thought that the phrase "non-sticky lipgloss" was an oxymoron. I personally have never used or found a lipgloss that wasn't sticky. I just stick with chapstick ;) .
  12. I really like the Clinique lip gloss. I actually wear it over my regular lipstick. Or for a quick update after lunch. And it's not sticky at all.
  13. thanks for the suggestions girls! ill write it down and when i can head over bloomies ill check them out.
  14. chanel
  15. Rimmel jelly gloss - i love it!:yes:

    It's not AT ALL sticky, but it stays on for much longer then the watery ones...100% fab!!