non-smelly "natural glow" moisturizers?

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  1. I like the idea of using these moisturizers rather than an "official" self-tanner, because it's more subtle, and you just use them everyday as you would a body lotion.

    However, i tried the jergen's natural glow one, and although I liked the results, it STILL has that chemical smell that self-tanners have traditionally. Does anyone know of a different brand that doesn't smell bad??
  2. I have had that problem with every self-tanner I have tried. I hate it. :sad:
  3. Johnson & Johnson put out a product called Holiday Skin, I have heard good and bad reports about it. Some people say it has no "chemical" smell but others say it does - I think it depends on the oils/acids in your skin as to the reaction.
  4. Hawaiian Tropic. it has a light green tea smell. the best by far.
  5. I use the Target knockoff of "Natural Glow" and it works. I think it smells good, definitely not like self tanner. But I've never tried "Natural Glow" so I can't compare it.
  6. I think they all have that smell - it's the active ingredient that makes your skin turn color.
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