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  1. Hello,
    I was sooo excited yesterday as I won my first eBay auction! It's for an LV Mono Artsy MM. I asked the seller if she could send me a few clear pictures of the feet, zipper, etc. so I can get the bag authenticated here before paying. She sent them this morning and although they weren't clear I told her I'd pay for the bag and just confirm authenticity when I receive it. IMO it does look authentic.

    She sends me an email and says that there is a person on eBay blowing up her messages giving her a second chance offer higher than my winning bid (there were 42 bids for this purse). I asked her what does that mean? She hasn't replied. I then sent her a message and said "are you going to ship me the purse? I paid for it a few minutes ago." No response, then I sent her another message 45 minutes later and I said I don't want to be a pain, but I'd like to know if she's going to ship me the purse as I'm at work and this is really upsetting me. No response.

    I looked online real quick and read that if this happens I can refuse her request to cancel the transaction, leave her bad feedback and report her. She is also a new seller on eBay as she only has 1 positive feedback. Can someone please advise if this is correct or anything else I can do? Although she hasn't confirmed, she stopped responding once she said she has gotten a higher offer. I am completely heartbroken.
  2. Well, quite frankly I don't like the e-mail that she sent you & don't like that
    she hasn't responded... new seller or not.. this is just professional courtesy..

    At this point I would consider cancelling your money transaction... you can do that
    on pp..

    I would report her (did she e-mail you through ebay) & would not agree to a
    mutual cancellation... she deserves negative feedback and as disappointed
    as you are, you will find the bag elsewhere..

    Sorry you have this unpleasant experience with a greedy seller.. shame on her!!

    And just another thought, you should always authenticate & ask q's before you buy
    not afterwards...
  3. Hi OP,
    I had a similar situation happen on ebay recently. It may be a blessing in disguise for you. If the seller hasn't claimed your payment then cancel the payment through Paypal and get your money back quickly.

    In my case, the seller had very low feedback like below 2 or 3 and he used blurry pics so you couldn't make out all the insignias on the bag to ensure it was genuine. When I asked for more pics, he sent me more blurry pics. Cut to the chase, I ended up receiving a fake bag. Cost me money to ship it back but glad he refunded my original payment.
  4. I forgot to mention that you don't want to deal with a seller like that period. IMHO any time a seller claims that you got a great deal and that higher offers are pouring in then usually the exact opposite is true and you overpaid...

    You'll be able to find another Artsy whose seller will work with you and be nice because you're paying a large sum of money for the bag and deserves a certain level of service anyhow. Good luck!!

  5. agree.. sellers like this are not honorable... why buy from them??

    There are too many better sellers on the bay who will appreciate

    your business:smile:
  6. I used a sniping site to avoid being outbid by a shill bidder (didn't turn out to be necessary) and "won" an auction at a great price which the seller didn't like. So she used another Ebay ID she had to "buy" the bag from her ID that she listed it under after my auction and thus take it back off the market.

    I neged her big time (dropped her feedback pct. from 100% to 80% not that she probably cares) and reported her to Ebay. You do the same thing.

  7. Agree. the seller in this circumstance has"earned" the negative..
  8. Geez..........45 minutes with no response? Maybe she is at work too. Why don't you give it a day?

    Oh, and sniping in no way prevents being shilled if the shiller has been upping the bid price throughout the course of the auction.
  9. If I were the seller, I'd be VERY concerned that only after winning did you request additional pics to confirm authenticity. To me, that sounds like you doubt your seller and the item. Big red flag IMO.

    Then you sent her 3 messages within a VERY brief period of time (if I'm counting correctly), regarding getting it authenticated AND questioning when she will ship. Another red flag to a seller.

    I'm both a buyer and (infrequent) seller on ebay. I think you are potentially damaging the transaction. As mentioned, the seller might be at work. Not everyone is able to work on their ebay stuff at work. Or the seller might be more than slightly concerned that you aren't confident in the authenticity and is evaluating her options, one of which might be to not complete the transaction.

    As for refusing to cancel, reporting her and leaving bad f/b, I usually try to take the high moral ground and let karma work it out :smile:
  10. This.
  11. The seller sent OP additional pics today & had the time to do so ,it appears

    The seller than sent the OP an e-mail telling her she got a better price for the

    The seller seems to have found the "time " to send both e-mails , this morning

    Something isn't right here..

    Perhaps the seller is annoyed that the buyer is asking q's afterwards
    & wanting additonal pics..and thus not communicating..

    If it was me, I would have tried to get the money back from my transaction
    & just move on...

    Its obvious that the seller isn't too interested in responding...
  12. I totally agree
  13. To update, she responded to my emails yesterday and replied that she was having bad phone reception. She did tell me she was at work, she apologized for sending the bad pictures and told me she was going to take better pictures before bringing it to the post office. She sent me a lot of additional, very clear pictures. She told me she received the Artsy MM as a gift and was not doubting the authenticity at all as she went out and bought herself the GM. She then showed me many pictures of the two bags side by side. She said she compared everything on her GM to the MM and they match so she was sure it's authentic. I told her I agree it looks to be authentic. She then told me she was getting out of work at 5pm and she was going to ship it out then and it would go out this morning. She also said I'll send you the tracking number once I get it.

    Well she never sent me the tracking number. I got an email from paypal at 10:43pm last night saying she refunded me my money. I sent her an email this morning ask her why. I don't think she'll answer me and if she does I don't think she'll be honest with me.

    I don't think I was being unreasonable asking her for pictures. If I'm paying $1275 for a purse I want to make sure it's authentic. If she was offended by me then she could have told me up front she would not send any pictures. Also between the both of us emailing each other yesterday, it was 32 messages, and now she backs out?

    Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
  14. She told me the night before, once you send me the money via paypal I'll ship out the bag ASAP. I only sent her the emails because I asked her what she meant by she got a higher second offer. She told me that she would have been happy receiving $600 for the purse, as it has sat in her closet for a year, it was a gift, and she was annoyed with looking at it. She told me she didn't care about the other offers because she got way more than she expected. I also kept apologizing as I emailed her saying I'm sorry if I'm a pest or if I'm anal, I then told her I didn't mind just receiving the bag and getting it authenticated here, but she kept sending me pictures anyways. I don't think I was out of line.
  15. So happy to hear you got a full refund. This is a lesson learned in dealing with a new eBay seller..