Non-responsive seller. How long should I give her?

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  1. I won a pair of shoes on eBay. Nothing too expensive. The seller pointed out that she shipped within 10 days of the sale, so to please note that. I gave her 10 days plus three for priority mail. This Saturday, I sent her a nice email through eBay letting her know it had been 13 days and asking if she had sent the shoes. I haven't received a response. Should I send another email? Send an email letting her know I will file a claim if I don't hear back? File a claim now? From her feedback she seems like an honest seller, but obviously slow. Thanks for your suggestions.
  2. i say give her till friday if she hasn't gotten back file a claim...
  3. I agree wait till friday then open a claim. I won a pair of citizen capris, seller stated she mailed 2-3 priority mail but I got it 6 days later. not her fault, post office. I guess when just drop it in the blue box like she did, who knows when the post office actually scans it in. At this least this is what happened to me.