Non-PF Ebay auctions, and trolling sellers

  1. Since it seems we're being trolled, as a couple of other PF'rs have noted, any ideas on how we can continue to post interesting auctions, without shooting ourselves (and other buyers) in the foot by doing so? I posted an auction for a Black City recently, and almost immediately, the seller upped the minimum bid, not once but twice (or maybe it was three) times. I just checked the thread on the Turq Twiggy, and it seems that that seller got "wise" and did the same thing, after Mocean posted.

    We already have the MP, but not everyone is eligible immediately for that, so Ebay is still a necessary evil for many members. However, this is starting to seem like a trend, and a disturbing one, at that.

  2. How about we post... then diss the bags?!? :P

    This might have the opposite effect of getting the sellers to lower the bid. We say the exact opposite of what we actually feel; e.g. 'beautiful condition" becomes "so worn out".

    Just kidding, but perhaps more restraint in our responses might be the way to go.
  3. I remembered what happen with the Black City...
    Maybe we could quote in the first post the initial price...
    If the seller increases the bags because she thinks TPF is good advertising:graucho: ,
    then we could do exactly the opposite of what she's waiting:

    tell she increases the price and refuse to bid on the bag...
  4. Just a reminder NOT to diss Sellers ;)
  5. I think posting the initial bid a good idea... god the price raising pissed me off this week. I'm just not personally going to post any non-PF auctions anymore... it's so infuriating.

    or maybe as a whole, we could NOT email the seller- unless you are SUPER SERIOUS about winning the bag? I think the problem is that the second a rar/affordablee bag is posted in Atchung, like 30 people email the seller asking for a BIN, more photos, the story of the bag, why are you selling it, it's soo rare, ect and they look @ their watcher list and BOOM! they have like 40 watchers- so the seller thinks "Wow, I've got a hottie on my hands, I should up the bid price!"

    and then we're all screwed.
  6. Maybe this is extreme: could the Achtung be made for "members only"? Not invitation only, like the MP, but somehow otherwise protected? I mean, it does serve a different function that other threads, and can inadvertently serve as a promotional tool for people that aren't members (obviously).
  7. Totally. I guess I didn't realize how crazy it gets for some bags. Okay, so then 2 votes for posting the initial price. At least that let's someone know that if they check the bag at some point after posting and the initial bid price has gone up, they'll know what's up.
  8. I suggest posting all information about a seller raising prices in the thread about her bag, as well as how you feel about it. it wouldn't be dissing a seller to post that you're not going to bid on the bag because of her price-raising behavior. there could also be a thread identifying sellers who do this.
  9. I think seller's sometimes increase the opening bid because they want to add a buy it now price to satisfy the bidders who keep asking for one, and most bidders are more likely to use buy it now if it's not too far above the opening bid. ;)
  10. That's the greatest idea!!!!!
  11. I personally hate this raising price thing and I hope we can come up with a solution.The whole thing is just frustrating because the buyers raise the price so much...that no one can really afford it.
  12. i think the members only thing is a good idea. is that possible?
  13. but wouldn't it be possible for someone to become a member and just lurk around the Achtung subforum only ? I mean when I try to access this subforum when I sign out..I can't see the threads. So the people who are looking at this subforum...must be registered members.:shrugs:
  14. well maybe they could make it so you'd have to apply just like the MP2 needs an application. or maybe just let members in who have been active balenciaga members who post regularly?
  15. Good idea!