Non-Permanant hair dye, how often is too often?

  1. Hi everyone
    I just had a quick question. I used Natural Instincts hair coloring kit a couple days ago to darken my hair. (my hair is naturally medium to dark brown but I had some light brown almost blond highlights I wanted to get rid of) I like my hair dark dark brown almost black during the winter and I didn't leave the dye on long enough so the blondish pieces are still not as dark as I would like them to be. (My hair doesn't look all weird or anything, just not as dark as I wanted). Thus my question is, can I dye it again (I would probably do it in about two weeks) or should I wait the 4-6 weeks that the box says?
  2. It kind of depends on how healthy your hair is, KWIM? If your hair doesn't have any damage from the highlights, it's probably okay to dye over it again since youre not using permanent dye.

    Or you could try John Frieda color glaze. They have a really dark brown one that might darken your hair a bit until you can dye it again.
  3. The only thing I would worry about if the ends were to grab too much of the color and have it look uneven????? I have used the Natural Instincts before but in light blond colors and have never had a problem with recoloring it before their suggested 5 weeks. Maybe call the hotline they have for it-it's clairol right--their website has a phone number and a rep. will help you out with any hair color question.
    Good luck.
  4. I say waite a couple of days if your is in good shape and just go over the blonde peices more so your not doing as much damage to your whole head!
  5. Maybe this is kind of a dumb questioin but what exactly is a color glaze? I've always seen them but never tried them. Do they just add shine or a hint of color and do they work?
  6. It's basically like a conditioning treatment that temporarily stains your hair. I used one that's dark espresso brown and it looked nice. It's not dye (it lasts ~3 days), so you can use it a bunch of times in a row. It won't hurt your hair. It just deepens the color and adds shine.

    I also recommend Brilliant Brunette shampoo or Pantene color expressions in the darkest brown shades. I think they slowly deposit some color over time. Either that or they just really keep they dye from fading. When I switched back to regular shampoo again my hair looked lighter within a week!
  7. If you are darkening you are just depositing color. You should be fine doing it after 2 weeks. Is it ammonia free?
  8. Semi permanent color does not damage hair, as it's peroxide free. It literally coats the hair with color. Oversaturation of color is the worst damage it'll do, and even then there's semi permanent hair color remover. Mom owns a salon and I've never had a problem with semi permanent color. You have to be much more careful if you go with permanent color.