NON-Performance seller :(

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  1. I won a LV bag yesterday, I asked BIN and seller asked to place a bid then she ended early . Seller has less than 50 feedbacks, all of positive from selling low to mid end items.

    The price is a great deal and she's so nice, asked if I want the original box and will ship tomorrow morning ( today ). This morning, I wake up with 2 emails from her:

    First, saying that she find rip on the bag.

    Sacond, directly refund me by saying my PP is unconfirmed! WTF??? I mean all of outside USA & UK won't have confirmed PP address even tonight, I gave her 2 addresses to choose : my address or my fiance's. She even choose to ship to my fiance's address.

    I realized she may find out that she sold it at low price but it's not the reason, she's committed to sell it to me.

    Now, could I report her to eBay as non performance seller? I really disappointed beside it, I'll get less around $40 for refund issue from my cc company, blaming me :cursing:


  2. Personally reporting to eBay will not do much. I purchased 3 NWT Coach bags from the same seller that had them listed as No Reserve. I got 2 of them for a STEAL. I paid for all 3 instantly and a few hours later got a notice from the seller that he was not happy with the purchase price of the bags and would not be sending me any items. I then got a refund. Talk about p$ssed off!! I had stayed up until 2:30am to win these babies and he balks on the sale. I reported to Ebay as the listing was no reserve- he should have set a reserve if he was worried about the price the bags would bring. Ebay said they would contact the seller but it was HIS CHOICE to complete the sale or not. I am telling you Ebay gets you both ways...:cursing:
    I LEFT NEGATIVE FEEDBACK and moved on...
  3. They will get strike just like a buyer would, if they get to many they will be removed from ebay.

    I would email her and ask her for a picture of the tear, and that you really want the purse and maybe you can reach some kind of agreement on a discounted price.

    If it truly is damaged she would probably be willing to do that, if not leave her a strike and note it in her fb. Sellers should have to keep up there end of the sell just as the buyers do.

    Good luck!
  4. i am having this now as the seller. i sold a bag on ebay and just realized when i went to ship it that i cannot find the lock and key. it's just no where. i sold this bag at a tremendous loss already and do not want to lose more money having to buy the buyer a new lock and key or else giving her a discount for it. i offered to refund her including her western union fees and if there's a difference in currency conversion. i just can't take a bigger loss on this bag. i am fully prepared for a neg though i wish it would not come to that. we'll see what happens.

    i would ask the buyer to refund you if there are any fees for your payment. imo it's would be fair to ask and for her to do. i'm sure you'll find the bag again at the price you paid or better!