Non perf pfs, are you thinking of getting something before it's gone?

  1. So, I really disliked this line when it came out, I thought :throwup: !

    But now that it's almost gone, I am thinking I should get a pouchette, before it all disappears.

    Anyone else in this boat?
  2. I personally loved the perfo line as soon as I saw it, and I have since purchased two speedys!

    I would definitly recommend the line to you, its really eye-catching, I get loads of admiring glances!

    Why not just purchase a cles? then you're not spending loads of money but you still have something from the collection?
  3. I really wanted to get something so I got the cles, now I'm considering the plate if I could still find it. I love my cles though and am very happy I at least have a little something in perfo....
  4. Which colour did you purchase you cles in? I have speedy's in fuscia and green, and I love them both, but I think the green is very eye-catching!
  5. At first glance online I liked it! I love speedies!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: At the time I liked it in green.

    Then I cked it out at the store and was like.."nahhhh".

    But now I'm like..."hmm...?" :shrugs: Now I think I'd get the pink (if I was to get one..)

    But, I'm currently shopping around and trying to decide on a shoulder bag. So...that's my status. lol

    Now if I hit the lotto...I'd get the pink perfo, Illovo MM, Chelsea, Highbury, and the new leather Onatah GM, and might as well throw in the Gold Miroir Speedy. There I think that's it. :shame: LOL! These are all the bags I'm trying to decide between.:rolleyes: Maybe a few Koobas, and a YSL Muse, and the new "double bag" by YSL. And perhaps a Gucci. OK done! :blush:
  6. Nope. I had a fucshia perfo scarf that I returned. I just cant get into this line. I dont buy bags/accessories simply to collect them - they need to be functionable with my wardrobe. For some reason polka dots just dont do it for me. Thats not to say they dont look great on all the ladies here though!
  7. I have a bandeau...and now I'm searching for the Cles and Pouchette Accessories in Fuchia...Pouchette shouldn't be too bad (it is on eLux after all) but the Cles is turning out to be a pain (it's only on eLux in green and orange) :love: . I shoulda bought it at the beginning of the summer :crybaby: .

    Oh well...we'll see. I never buy the summer collection and then I always want it when its gone and I can't get it!
  8. I like the smaller items, but I don't like the speedy in perfo. Someone called it a dog carrier and I can't get that picture out of my mind.
  9. You're 'wish' list is like mine, lol! I like the YSL muse, too, but I also want a new damier piece, the Aurelia GM, stuff from the groom line, the charm necklace, the denim backpack...oh and as long as I am dreaming, a croc

    I just keeping thing a nice pink cles or pouchette could add some fun color to my mono!
  10. Nope, I don't like that line very much. Not my cup of tea.
  11. I did not care for the line when it first came out...but now I'm def considering getting something from the line...perhaps a plate or cles!!
  12. I want the pink speedy, but I think it's pricy for something with holes in it.
  13. :yes: I had to get my orange perfo cles before they were all gone. I love it so much!!! :love:
  14. I think the line is very cute but I just purchased a cles I had the fuscia but returned it and ordered the green!!!
  15. I didn't like the Perfo items when they first came out, and I still don't like the Perfo Speedys, but I've got a Cles and a Plate that I love. My daughter also bought the Pochette, which is very cute. I'd say grab at least something from this line before it's all gone.