Non-paying winner, sad story...


Jul 12, 2008
The Great Midwest :)
Over the past few months I have been selling my 14 year old daughter's Coach items, as she is saving for a specific Gucci wallet. Never had a problem before....and I have been on Ebay for years. Well, my baby got sick and so I had alot of packages to mail, and her's got mailed before she paid. So I wrote her and told her it was on the way (it was a cute butterfly keychain).....and told her I am sure she would pay, and so on. Well, I have never heard back from her. I tracked it, so know it was delivered. Though I have written her 4 times asking always nicely as it was money that belongs to my daughter...I went ahead and gave my daughter the money. I d not want to risk reporting her as my mistake was sending without payment. But with a baby, mistakes can and will happen. I havent left her any feedback, as I know she may leave me my 1st negative FB. I am waiting out the time period where FB cannot be left and then blocking her. No other choice correct?


Feb 14, 2007
New York
I hope there is something called humanity and "do the right thing" still left in people. I hope she pays immediately thanking you for your trust and speedy shipping.


May 20, 2008
Eastern Iowa
This is Totally something that I would do and I would probably do it on a normal day with perfectly healthy kids.

Have you tried to contact ebay or paypal? I'm sure you are not the first person to ever to this. Maybe they can put the funds on hold in her account or something until she either sends your item back or, agrees to keep it?
I don't know if they can or not but, it's worth a try. I wouldn't just call it a loss until I tried.
Jun 14, 2006
Awww that stinks. How can people be so selfish.

My son won a fantasy football league and now the guy wont send his winnings ($175). He gave some lame story like his wife left him and took all the $. There are real creeps in the world, just know that karma will make these losers get in an accident, lose their job, or many other things. So payback will be twofold for them.

I hope your daughter and you get your $.


Jul 17, 2008
Awww thats awful - a seller posted me a very expensive bag before i paid (problem with Paypal which i emailed seller about) but she posted it to me as she thought i might want the bag for the weekend! I was totally amazed by her trust and of course paid immediately - i really hope your buyer pays too. Good luck
Jun 25, 2008
I would call the bay and/or the foe because she does show up as the winner of the auction and you do have proof of delivery (right?). It doesn't hurt to try.


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Nov 3, 2006
i would pull her contact info and call her. good luck to you. it's a terrible situation and i feel so bad for you and your daughter.
Jul 15, 2008
Awww that's awful, I hope that the person does the right thing and pays.
It wouldn't hurt to get her contact info from eBay and give her a call, maybe actually speaking to her rather than emailing just might work.


Jul 4, 2006
Id also report her as a non paying bidder because technically she didnt and so deserves a strike. If it were me Id also consider small claims court as you have all the proof of what she owes and proof it was delivered. Regardless if its a small amount of money or a large amount at the end of the day its the principal of it and she should learn you cant do that. Make sure you get all her contact details in case you decide to pursue it.
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Jul 4, 2008
That is sad but be grateful that it was just a keychain and nothing really expensive. Hopefully the ebayer will eventually pay.


Jul 12, 2008
The Great Midwest :)
Thank you...all of you for your support in this. Ebay has made it VERY difficult changing the rules in regards to negatives. I am a powerseller and have called ebay /paypal a few times....and besides going to court I cannot take any negative off (THOUGH i HAVE NOT HAD ONE YET), even if I am innocent (even the lady thought it was not fair), only if she threatens me with a negative or uses certain words. I know, that she knows there is nothing I can do. Just sad you know? I just told my daughter that the woman was so busy and apologized and gave her the money. Thank you all aGAIN:smile: