Non-Paying Buyer

  1. I'm starting to get frustrated...I sold a designer bag and wallet 7 days ago, sent the buyer an invoice with a nice message thru e-bay right away on Friday, June 1st. I didn't hear anything until Monday when I get a message saying "can I send you a check?" Well my auction clearly stated PayPal only and I messaged back saying that. On Wednesday I get another saying "I don't have PayPal" so I sent her another message telling her to send me a certified check by Priority mail. So far nothing back from her. What should I do?:confused1:
  2. Send a eBay payment reminder now. It needs to take 7 full days until you can file a unpaid dispute, and another 7 days to get your final fee back, provided the buyer doesn't respond your notifications.

    If received a personal check, be careful if it bounces. If so, you will have to pay bank penalty.

    Next time you list, you could choose the feature of not accept bids from buyers who don't have PayPal account.
  3. It is very easy to block bidders who don't have paypal or who live in areas to which you don't ship. Just change your preferences and they would not be able to bid. You probably will be better off to file a NPB and relist. If you get a check just send it back...
  4. I did tell her NOT a personal check but a certified check that she gets at her bank. I just wonder if she really does have PayPal and she just has buyers remorse.
  5. Some people are just slow to pay. If she does send you a certified check, make sure you check with your bank that it's legit before you send out the bag.

    If she doesn't pay, file NPB. If she doesn't respond to it through eBay, after it closes you can safely neg her without her giving you a neg back (if she does, eBay will remove it -- her comments will remain but eBay will state she didn't pay in a separate line item).