Non-paying bidder

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  1. How long do you give people before you file a non-paying bidder claim? And then what - relist it, or offer it to the next higest bidder? Im new at ebay selling and someone bought something from me yesterday and I emailed a receipt and a reminder today and still nothing. I stated payment expected within two days, but everyone so far has paid immediately. I'll wait until tomorrow, but then what happens? Thanks!
  2. I think you should direct this to the ebay forum... you'll get a faster response!

    (ive never sold on ebay so I dont know)
  3. I think that even if you tell them payment is due within two days that they still have seven days to pay because that's how much time ebay allows. I would just wait the whole seven days if I were you for payment then after that file a non-paying bidder claim and offer it to the underbidder. I know it's a pain but some people are slow payers probably because they need to make a bank deposit or something.

  4. Thanks oops!! I'll wait then...
  5. Donna, don't panic yet. eBay gives buyers at least seven (it might even be ten) days in which to pay for their items. Did you put any terms in your auction as to how long your buyer has to pay? I state in my auctions that payment must be received within five days of auction close. Keep in mind that it's still the weekend and people are generally out and about. Plus, it could be someone who uses their work computer and can't pay until Monday. I generally send an invoice every other day until I get paid. If it goes over five days I email them. If it goes over seven I request contact information.

    BTW, this really does belong in the eBay subforum. I think you'll get more and better responses. :yes:
  6. That's pretty much the way it works...and regardless of when you specified that you expected payment, eBay won't allow you to file a dispute until at least 7 days after the fact. Plus, if the buyer has her PayPal account linked to her checking account as opposed to a credit card, it does take a little extra time to clear.
  7. Ok thanks everyone. Mods you can close this since i posted in the wrong section anyway. I got my answer!
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