non-paying bidder

  1. Hi All,
    Again, I turn to the experts for help.

    I sold a load of bags on Sunday and one person has yet to pay. I've contacted her via eBay messaging three times to no avail, and got her phone number from eBay yesterday. I just tried to call her and surprise-surprise, her number is disconnected. I am pretty sure she isn't going to pay and I want to offer a second chance to the other bidder.

    Since it hasn't been seven days, should I wait until the 7-day period and then do the second-chance offer? But if I do that, I might not be able to ship for two weeks because I'll be away.

    Or should I just offer it to the other person and hope that the flaky bidder goes away quietly.

    The other dilemma I have is I think the other bidder might think shill bidding was involved -- and frankly, if I were her I would too. The bag had 20 watchers but only two bidders who bid up the bag more than $200 over the listing price. One person had low feedback and the other had private feedback. There wasn't any shill bidding, but I'm always wary.

    Or, option #3, should I wait until I return and relist the bag?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. You can report her to eBay for having incorrect contact info and if she doesn't correct it they will cancel her ebay account.

    I personally don't like second chance offers, for the reasons you mentioned, but some people don't mind them so it would be worth a never know.

    Good luck
  3. If a winner is not paying I will send second chance. But in your case the success rate may not be high even on second and third...

    If, touch wood, you would need to relist them all over again, don't sell in lot. Selling one by one may be more hassles but higher closing prices in return.

    BTW, eBay may delist a user if the registered phone number can reach that person.... just in case you care to know : )