non paying bidder question

I sold a TV on ebay and the auction ended Nov 30. Immediately after the auction ended I sent the buyer an invoice and in my auction page and payment instructions I clearly stated that payment must be received within 7 days of the end of the auction (unless paying by MO or cashiers check). So, I never hear from the buyer. Finally on Dec 6 I send them a friendly email reminding them that I haven't received the payment and was wondering if they were sending a MO or cashiers check. The same day they wrote back

"I will probabaly be using paypal, Yoy will be paid one way or another soon. Thanks so much! "

And they still haven't paid. I don't know what to do. Usually when I sell to people they pay with paypal right away.
File a non-paying bidder alert tonight, do it now.
Sometimes it's all it takes to get them to pay and if they don't pay, it's the first step in recouping some fees.
Also, after you file it, if they don't pay you can leave Neg feedback and not worry about retaliation.
If they don't respond they forfeit their feedback rights.
Report that buyer for nonpayment and leave a them negative feedback.e-bay will contact them and if it can't be resolved you will be credited your final fee if you've paid those already.Some buyers are a real PITA.
Well, he paid! Filing the non paying bidder was all it took. Ok, thats the good news. Now that he paid through paypal, his address is unconfirmed! I don't really know what that means, but it can't be good! Also, it says seller protection policy is ineligible. He wants the TV sent to New York to some Liquidators place, I don't know! Please help!
The reason why the transaction is ineligible for paypal protection is because the address is unconfirmed. Yes, you can tell him you won't ship unless he provides you a confirmed address. He has to set it up through Paypal. If he refuses, it's probably easiest for you to just refund his money and relist the item.