Non paying bidder question

  1. I sold a higher end item to someone that has only 3 feedbacks, I accept checks and money orders along with paypal. It has been 1 month and I still haven't received her money order. She keeps saying "what am I suppose to do, I sent the check" I know she is lying but I keep giving her the benefit of the doubt. Can't she stop payment on a money order? I opened a dispute a few weeks ago, should I just close it a leave her negative feedback?
  2. I'd close the dispute. If she never responded to the dispute, you can leave her neg FB and she can't retaliate. She can leave you a neg if she wants, but eBay will remove it (although the comment will remain, the neg will not affect your score).

    I'd bet she's lying too. If the check was for a lot of money, you can bet that she'd be following up more closely on it.

  3. Here is her response to the negative and the strike from eBay -

    how dare u say i don't intent on paying i send money is
    this bull....
  4. I would forward that message to eBay and block her from ever bidding on your items again.
  5. If I were you, I would close this transaction and request your fee back. She can trace/claim her money order back if there is one. Don't give her a chance to leave you a negative feedback.
  6. yup.. follow the advice given..:tup:
  7. What a jerk.
    Ask her if the check has been cashed and see what she says?
  8. Sorry you had such a problem bidder. Well, at least you can get your fees back, relist, and hopefully sell to a legit bidder next time.

    In my opinion, it's always the scammers that whine the loudest ...