Non-Paying Bidder Pays after One Month???

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  1. Hello All! I was hoping you could give me some advice for my friends' situation.

    A month ago she put her Britney Spears Tour Book for auction on eBay. She bought the thing for $40, and it ended up selling for only $12, but since she had no reserve and needed the money, she figured $12 was better than nothing. She stated clearly in my auction that payment should be sent within 24 HOUR of the auction's end.

    The buyer had just created their account the day that her auction ended and had zero feedback. They did NOT pay her within 24 hours, so she sent a reminder. After no reply, she sent another one... still no reply. 5 days after the auction ended she sent a "FINAL NOTICE" e-mail, and still received no reply.

    Now, for a lack of better judgement, she didn't actually get around to reporting the buyer or disputing it with eBay. But since it was only $12, she just sort of brushed it off and decided to keep the book. She has never experienced any issues like this, and essentially wasn't too bent out of shape because of how little the amount of money was..

    It's been almost 4 weeks since the auction ended and the buyer just sent her a payment TODAY. With a note that says...

    Sorry for the late payment. Please make sure to package the book good.

    Now, if she absolutely has to, she will send them the book... it's not going to kill her, but since she didn't report them when they hadn't made payment... does she have any recourse to report them now that they have paid? She and I don't want this buyer to do this to anyone else. Also, she doesn't want to run the risk of receiving negative feedback, because she can't even leave THEM negative feedback that they didn't pay me for a WHOLE MONTH!.

    What do you think would be the best way to handle this situation? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  2. wow after a month the buyer assumes the item is still available?
  3. I wish I knew the answer, but maybe calling ebay and speaking to a live person will be the best way to go. If your friend doesn't want to sell it now, I think you need to know for sure if she is obligated to go through with this after all this time. I can't imagine that she is still obligated.

    I realize it's a moot point now and I know it's not a lot of money - but always open an "unpaid item dispute" when a buyer doesn't pay. The buyer will get a "strike" against them and the seller will get their listing fees back.

    Maybe someone else has some ideas.

  4. umm.... late payment is better than no payment i guess. And as for feedback goes, just mention what happened IN the feedback? "Late payment is better than no payment!" haaha

    but if she doesn't wanna sell it to her, i guess she could refund her the money and tell her that the book is no longer available.
  5. I think this qualifies for a non-paying bidder but the glitch is the seller should have filed for NPB when the person didn't pay after 7 days. I don't think she should have to send it after all this time, but call Ebay and find out what the official deal here is?
  6. I've had buyers pay after three weeks and with a NPB filed on them... I still ended up sending them the item.

    I guess at the time I really wanted to get rid of the items!
  7. Did they leave you a negative feedback after receiving the item?

    Had a buyer who paid after 2 weeks.....i sent the item, but waiting to close the close the resolution....just in case she leaves a negative feedback...
  8. So, my friend spoke with eBay this evening. The customer service representative first advised her to ship the item because she had received the money.

    However, upon further investigation, the buyer did NOT have a confirmed address and has also closed their eBay account.

    She refunded the buyer, filed an unpaid item dispute and also cancelled the transaction. The customer service representative said that she would be able to get her fees back immediately since the buyer is no longer a registered user.

    So, it seems as though everything worked out! Thanks for your advice!

  9. Good to hear.
    My take on this is that the buyer had received 2 non-paying bid strikes from eBay, was desperate not to get a 3rd from your friend. Paid to avoid a npb strike from your friend, but got pinged by another seller in the interim, which is why they are NARU Not A Registered User.

    We had a bag buyer like this recently. Bought 15 expensive bags in one month, including ours, only paid for a couple of them, received 3 strikes after a couple of weeks. Then crashed and burned. How they can sleep at night is beyond me!
  10. Seriously, some people are just shady. I mean it's pretty sad when you cannot pay for a $12 item. My friend is very nice and if the buyer had decided they didn't want it, she would have allowed them to cancel the transaction.

    I felt so bad, because she was a bit stressed over the situation and did not want to ship the book to the buyer, 'cause something didn't feel right.

    I'm glad that things worked out in her favor and she was able to recoup her eBay fees.

    Thanks for all of your help/advice!
  11. You're right. Some people are just not trustworthy. But many are. Hope your friend can take heart in this.