Non paying bidder... negative feedback question

  1. I have a non paying bidder. She won my auction and stated that she was going to pay through paypal. She never did and I filed a non-paying bidder 7 days after. When should I leave negative feedback and not have her be able to leave me retalitory feedback? I know that I can close the case after 8 days after filing, but I won't be able to leave the feedback after the 8 days.

    If I leave it now, I'm afraid that she'll leave me retalitory feedback.

    Thanks for any input. I couldn't find the info on the eBay help page.
  2. If she doesn't respond to the NPB dispute, she can't leave you a negative feedback. ;)
  3. When the 8 days are up and if she hasn't responded then you can neg her without any worries.
  4. Yep! I love that eBay has this rule. Just keep in mind though that if she DOES respond to the dispute and you neg her, she can neg you back in retaliation. I've had buyers respond to the dispute knowing they still weren't going to pay just so they could leave me a negative if I negged them first.

    Personally, I think that eBay shouldn't allow anyone who doesn't pay the opportunity to leave any feedback whatsoever.
  5. ^ I agree that, in most cases, that would be fair; but what about buyers who find out that the seller of the item they've won is selling fakes, or is corrupt in some other way, after they've bid and that is why they didn't pay? :shrugs:

    Surely they should be able to warn others?
  6. Yeah, it's a pain - I have about 5 negs over the 9 years I've been on eBay from NPBs who retaliated... I hate how eBay still allows them to neg you when they're the one who didn't keep up their end of the sale.
  7. If she doesn't respond to the UID, then on the 8th day, JUST before you close it, post the neg. Then she has no time to respond. If she DOES respond to the UID, you have to decide whether it is worth getting a neg in retaliation.

  8. you need to be as sure of that as you can before you pay.
    if you DO pay and receive the item, you then go through paypal and ebay.
  9. If she did not respond to non paying bidder dispute then her feedback will be reomved by ebay
  10. Thanks for all the responses. I just closed the dispute and I left her negative feedback. I'm not sure what happened. At first we seemed to have good communication, and then she just stopped responding. I figure if there was a problem, then she would have e-mailed me or responded to the non paying bidder.

    It's not a big deal. I just checked on ebay and this item is going for much higher than what she won it at, so maybe I'll make a bit more money.