Non-paying bidder - need advice

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  1. Hi gang, I'm hoping that you guys can weigh in and help advise me here.

    About 2 weeks ago I sold a Chanel GST for $1850. The highest bidder contacted me immediately after the listing and told me she had an emergency come up and couldn't pay immediately. She told me she would have the money 100% by the 12th of Feb, and asked if I would wait or offered to pay my sellers fees, as she didn't want a neg feedback (buyer is new, and only has 1 feedback - a positive).

    I explained to her that seller fees will likely be high, as it was a high ticket item and that if she was certain that she could pay on the 12th I would work with her and hold on to the bag. She agreed and thanked me.

    She contacted me tonight about now her dog had surgery, and she won't have the money to pay for the bag, she wants to pay $150 for my selling fees to avoid a negative feedback - on the 12th. I don't like being not understanding, but at this point I feel jerked around a bit, it's been 3 weeks since the bag sold, I've been patient, and there's of course no guarantee that she will pay these fees. I don't understand why she's so worried about a neg feedback, when she's new? It seems fishy.

    I would still be under the initial 30 days (barely) so I could still file a non-paying bidder claim if I wanted to. At this point though my frustration level is so high I'm ready to consign the dang bag and be done with ebay.

    What do you guys think I should do??

  2. i would probably file a non-paying bidder because once the time laps you wouldn't be able to get your fees back. I've had several instances where buyers bid, win then contact me to pay later and from my experience if they don't pay within a week, they most likely than not will not end up paying...good luck with it :sad:
  3. Thanks for your response. I'm thinking of cancelling the transaction, because then I would get fees back but she wouldn't get a non-pay if she agrees. I understand when unexpected things happen, and the fact that she's been talking to me and not just disappearing makes me think it's a legit problem.

    My husband says I'm too nice. LOL!
  4. If she does not agree to cancel you will be out of your fees.


  5. Thanks - she agreed to cancel, so it all worked out. That is really good info to know in the future. if she hasn't been in constant contact with me I would have gone the non-pay route.
  6. OP, your husband is right, you are too nice.