Non-paying bidder has won my relisted auction using a new account!

  1. I had a non-paying bidder for one of my auctions who kept promising that they were going to pay but never did. Finally, when I went to file an Unpaid Item Dispute, I saw that they were no longer a registered eBay member, so I was able to get a final value fee credit and relist credit. I relisted the item. Now the same person has won my relisted item using a new eBay ID with zero feedback. I emailed the person to tell them that if payment is not received within my listed timeframe (3 days and I only accept PayPal), I will have to file a dispute. This irks me that this same person has won my auction and I probably won't receive payment again. :cursing:
  2. Best case would be they really wanted the item but didn't have the money at the time, and now do have the money and will pay within three days. Worst case, you are going to be messed around again. If you haven't received payment within the three day period, don't delay, start a non paying bidder dispute straight away. I don't know what eBay's practise is about de-registered members re-registering under a different name, but if they don't pay, I would definitely mention it when you're filing the dispute.

    Anyway, good luck with it and try not to stress. :flowers:
  3. You can't file a Non-paying bidder until day 8. If their old account was suspended by ebay then you can report them now and ebay will probably let you out of the transaction.
  4. hmmmm-- I thought that when someone left NARU'd and came back their old id followed for 30days... Is that only on a name change?
  5. Ugh, the nerve! I hope that the buyer really does pay this time and did not just do this to be a PITA!
  6. I am assuming the buyer opened a new account with new info....:confused1:
  7. How do you know it's the same buyer? :shrugs:
  8. I know it's the same buyer because when the auction ends, eBay sends the seller an email with the buyer's name and address information. It's the same person who won the first time. I checked the buyer's bidding history (you can do this by going into Advanced Search and clicking on Items by Bidder) and see that they have bid on and won a ton of other stuff. This is what they did with their old ID too (I had checked) and I'm guessing that their account was suspended because the other sellers filed Unpaid Item Disputes when they were never paid. I'm going to wait the 7 days and if I don't receive payment, I'm definitely filing the dispute and leaving them a neg. I've never left a neg before but I'm just sick and tired of buyers who think eBay is a game and just bid and never pay. Other sellers need to be warned about this buyer.
  9. make sure they have a paypal confirmed address.... if they opened a 2nd one it might not be tied to their paypal confirmed addr. Good luck
  10. OK- so this all intrigued me and last night I got on Live Help on Ebay and asked about this situation. I was specifically told that if the original User Id was suspended they would not be able to create a New User ID. This bidder must have used someone elses information or another IP addy... I would seriously use Live Help or pick up the phone and explain what has happened and see if they offer you an explaination of how this happened. If they have paid for the item I would just move on and finish the transaction - if they haven't I would be sqealing like a stuck pig. :okay:
  11. ^^ that person may already have had several ID' they didn't have to create a new one.
  12. I would LIVECHAT the ebay representative right away and left them know. They should be able to credit you back sooner.
    Good Luck!
  13. OMG the same thing happened to me! She had a new account and usually I catch the "0 feedback" bidders, but she did it last min! Hope everything works out for you. I already gave her neg FB after not contacting me AT ALL. And I plan on filing the NPB as well tomorrow (1st day to be able to file).
  14. The buyer had the same mailing address as the old account but a different name and a different email address on the new account. I wonder if this is enough to allow someone to register another eBay account even if the old one was suspended. I just tried Live Help and unfortunately, they were not too helpful. They just told me to report the user to Safe Harbor and they will investigate further. I still haven't heard from the buyer yet. I'll wait the 7 days and if I still haven't received payment, I'm going to file. Ugh, so frustrating!
  15. Don't you hate that! My bidder also bid at the last minute.