Non paying bidder claim = payment = return wo notice = one angry me!

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  1. I had a lady make an offer on an item I had listed for sale, I specifically state in my auctions to please pay within 24 hrs unless you contact me and make arrangements before hand, (granted I know I cant enforce this but still). Well I accepted her offer right away, 8 days, 2 invoices later I filed a non-paying bidder claim against her. She finally paid 2 days after that. I shipped it out, and well what do ya know without any contact from her whatsoever I recieve it back today with the package I shipped it in still intact never opened, inside another box. So basically she paid for it only so she wouldnt get a NPB strike against her then immediately returned it without even contacting me beforehand. I hate people like this, sneaky and underhanded.
  2. wow, that seems like a lot just to avoid a NPB
  3. But don't you have to have a reason to return an item? Do you accept returns? Did she at least send you an email to say refund my money?

  4. Yeah - its not like she can claim SNAD as she didn't even bother to open the box!?
  5. Did you refund the buyer's money? Are you sure the package just wasn't accepted by the buyer? I can't believe she sent back the item without making sure about a return first. Since you didn't authorize a return, you could just keep the bag and the buyer's money and she'd have no recourse. What a strange thing to happen to you!
  6. Now, what the buyer's reason be if she file a claim with PP? INR? SNAD?
    I guess she can lied of the bag being SNAD.
    Some buyer! She is not even smart enough to just refused the package so that she did not have to pay a returned postage.
    So OP what would you do?

  7. Yes she definetly accepted the package because she but the box I sent the item in down inside a larger box to ship it back to me. I went ahead and refunded because I know what would happen, as soon as she sees that it was delivered to me (she sent it with tracking) she will open a claim with paypal and since she has proof that the item was already returned to me she will get the refund from paypal. Despite the fact that she had no authorization from me to return it and no real reason for the return other than buyers remorse plain and simple. But we all know how paypal is with SNAD's its almost always in the buyers favor. I went ahead and sent the refund cause I know I wont win a paypal fight and hopefully at least she wont leave a negative which I'm sure she would if I made her fight for a refund.
  8. I may did the same like the OP-no point all the headache, always can re-list the item. Do not forget to block her-and no need to communicate with this slimy buyer, afraid to trigger a neg you absolutely do not deserve.
  9. I agree with this 100% it's sad, but sellers have to be very careful when dealing with even the most shady and difficult of buyers. I wouldn't do anything that would provoke any sort of retaliation from the buyer.

    Out of curiosity, what was her feedback record like?
  10. Ah, I see. You're right in that PP/eBay would probably side with her, but if you did not mutually agree to a return with the buyer, then one could just assume that she sent the bag back to you for some random reason, KWIM? I have no clue what the policies would dictate in situations like this if a claim were involved, but it makes you wonder what would have happened if you had just told them that you never agreed to a return, and the buyer never tried to resolve it through eBay or PP.
  11. I feel for u OP I have had the same thing happen to me on 2 occasions, my listings always state that I will accept returns within 7 days of delivery. I have had 2 items show up unannounced as a result of buyers waiting past the 7 days and I guess being afraid I wouldnt give them a refund if they ask. One item showed up almost a month after the original sale date, that was the first time it happened to me and I thought I would fight them on it, they filed a paypal claim and provided the tracking number to paypal along with a note in the case stating that I had told them I would give them a refund, which was a total lie since I had never been contacted, but they escalated to a claim and paypal refunded them and closed the dispute less than 24 hrs later. So you were right to just give the refund, paypal would have gave it to them anyway.

    The second time it happened to me it was about 2 weeks after the sale date, item just showed up at the post office unexpected with a note that said "it doesn't fit please refund me" so I did cause I knew I'd have to in the end. It almost makes you wanna send out packages without return addresses just so they HAVE to contact u to send it back.
  12. I know exactly what you went through.
    As of send out packages without return address, I just afraid that in the rare occasion if the package can't not be delivered, the mail carrier has no address to "return to sender" and your package will go MIA?.
    But I shipped most package with UPS now, as USPS is not reliable-and the return address I put on each package is the UPS store in where I drop off the packages (without my name or anything) and the zip code of that UPS store is different than my address with Paypal. So far NO ONE returning an item without contacting me first.
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