Non paying bidder buying up a storm!!!

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  1. Hello everyone I would like some advice on this. I recently sold my Louis Vuitton Multicolor Alma on ebay and the buyer won it last minute before the auction ended. I sent the buyer a ebay invoice and reminded her that the payment is due within 48 hours and if there is a problem to let me know. No answer, so I sent another invoice the next day thinking that maybe she didn't get the first one. after that I just decided to wait and it has been 5 days now. I noticed that the first day when the buyer won my bag, her feedback score was low with one negative feedback. the next couple of days I noticed that she has been buying up a storm and then today her feedback was at private. I know that you can file a non paying bidder/buyer on ebay within a week but what happens after that? this has not happened to me till now and I would like to know what's the next step? If I leave a negative feedback can she neg me back? I would hate to have my first negative feedback and what's the use if I neg her and no one can see the comments about what kind of buyer she is? Please let me know what I should do next? thank you!

    this is my listing on ebay :
  2. I say put in the dispute....You stated clearly in your auction that payment was due within 48 hours, plus you tried to contact the buyer... Who knows they probably made their feddback private because they owe a lot of people
  3. yea i'd file a dispute. i'd probably wait after the dispute was over to leave negative feedback. who knows, the buyer might abandon their ebay account. i've seen that happen more than a few times.
  4. Even though you say in your auction that the item must be paid w/in 48 hours, that's not ebay policy so it actually means nothing when we add it.

    File NPB and see if that stirs her to pay. By filing if she doesn't pay, she gets a strike and you get you fees back.

    I'd block her from ever bidding again. Good luck and please keep us posted. :smile:
  5. I would just relist the bag, or give a second chance offer to the next bidder.
  6. It looks like she won over 40 auctions in March. I didn't count but I think at least 1/2 of them are LV items. She must have paid for some of them since she has positive feedbacks but I my gut feeling says that she isn't legit. You can't file a dispute until the 8th day after the end of the auction but you should file one so that you can get your FV fees back.
  7. I am betting she is going to get banned pretty quickly and you will get your fees back. She probably won't even get a chance to - you.
  8. file dispute when u can....and do what fellow tpf suggested too..
  9. I bet you're right! :yes:
  10. put in the dispute... this seems very frustrating and I'm sorry it happened to you, but at least you waited for payment before shipping because then it would have been an even worse story!
  11. You should definitely file a dispute. You will have to wait seven days before you can do that (unless its a mutual withdrawl which this is not). Your strike may be the straw that gets her NARU'd. If she does not respond to the dispute, any FB she leaves for you will be withdrawn.
  12. Yes, wait 7 days to file the NPB, and as far as leaving negative, I would totally wait, so that the "buyer" cannot leave a retaliatory negative to you in response. My guess is you will get your fees back sooner than later and the "buyer" will be suspended anyway and I would leave it at that. No use in messing up your perfect feedback by some loony or scammer..and there's always that chance when dealing with something like this.