Non paying bidder at eBay?

  1. I almost feel bad for doing this-it is for such a small amount of money ($5.50).

    I listed a hamper on eBay over a week ago-it was the hamper from my son's room when he was a baby. Anyway-a woman wrote to me asking if I would allow pick up if she won since she was in NY too (I was charging $10 shipping). I said sure.

    It turns out she wins and she writes to me asking where she can meet me-seems she is out on Long Island and wants me to meet her somewhere off the Belt Parkway-umm, no. I tell her she can come here to Brooklyn to get it. I give her my general address and my cell phone number. The auction ended last Friday and I didn't hear form her again, so, I wrote her yesterday saying if she didn't respond tonight-I would enter a NPB, etc. etc. She writes back saying she is going to come today at 11 am to get it-could I please give her my address again so she can mapquest it? I do all of that-tell her it is fine to come today and give her my cell number again. She never showed up.

    I just don't want to play games with people. it went for cheap enough-and I really don't care about getting the money-I just don't have time for this BS. So, am i right in filing a NPB? And, in 6 years-i have never had to do this-how do I do it?
  2. That's rude!
    You waited for her and she didn't come without telling you - she could have phoned you if sth. was wrong.
    IMO it's absolutely right to report non-paying-bidder to eBay.
  3. absolutely report her! Sometimes it lights a fire under their butt and she'll come pick it up.
  4. Thanks ladies-I feel better about doing this now. I went to the link and it says I have to wait until AFTER today to report her-today is exactly a week since the auction ended. So-I will file the complaint tomorrow .
  5. Do it......bidders like this need to know that their bids count!! I hate NPB's ----- THEY SUCK!!!
  6. Don't feel Bad. You should file the NFB. If not you'll be eating the fees. Even if its a small amount.
  7. that's obnoxious and rude

    it funny you would have better appreciated if a week ago she said look i don't have the money or even i founda better one on ebay for less money
  8. It's not about the amount of money - If you can't play fair, stay the hell off ebay!!!! We need a crackdown on the website!!!!!! Definitly report it. Every report makes it a safer place!
  9. definitely file! still can not get over the types of people you run into on ebay!!
  10. it seems like you did all the right things, bent the rules for her even... and she didnt hold up her end. i think you are prefectly right in filing a NPB report.
  11. Thats terrible! I would have reported her too.