Non Paying Bidder and Feedback

  1. Do you leave a negative and risk feedback retaliation? I was able to sell to a 2nd chance person.. I don't know if I want to risk the negative. I know the person is going to get a non paying strike.. I also know the person has several accounts and reported it to eBay. Looks like eBay isn't going to do anything about it though.. I'm guessing the person used his friend's addresses or something.

    So do I leave a negative and risk one back.. or let it go?
  2. let me make sure I have it correct. . .
    did you file a NPB alert on that person?
    If so, when?
  3. If they didn't respond to the NPB then they can leave a neg, but eBay will remove it. The comments will remain but it won't count against you.

    I always leave a neg for a NPB.
  4. This is correct. It's happened to me a few times. You should always leave negative feedback for a nonpaying bidder in my opinion.
  5. If the buyer responded to the NPB dispute but still didn't pay, then eBay would notl not remove it; however, you could always contact SquareTrade and pay $30 to remove it. SquareTrade will ask the buyer to provide proof of payment. If the buyer cannot provide the proof, the negative on seller will be removed (I think the comment still will be left). This is very unfair, but it is the eBay rule. :tdown:
  6. do you wait until after the 7 extra days of ebay contacting them.. while it's still in dispute? or do you wait until ebay is refunding you your money and the dispute is closed?

    if they wrote something mean but it didn't count as a negative then i wouldn't care. i've gotten unfair negatives before and am trying to avoid more.
  7. I always just wait so I don't have to deal w/ it:yes:
    That's why I asked if you filed a NPB and when.
  8. You'll need to wait until the dispute is closed and decided in your favor if you want to leave neg FB without fear of retaliation.

    However, as noted before, if the other party responds to the NPB, even if they tell you to jump off a bridge, then they can leave you neg FB.
  9. ^:yes: all the reasons I am trying to find out if and when NPB was filed.
  10. okay, well the other party has not responded.. i doubt they will. so i guess after the dispute is over i will leave the negative without fear of a bad comment..

    i don't care if what they write shows up because it would just be bs. i would care if i had a negative though.
  11. Ebay has given me this message:

    Dispute status: Closed: FVF Granted[​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG]This dispute has been closed because you ended communication with the buyer. You'll get a Final Value Fee credit and the buyer will get an Unpaid Item strike.

    Does this mean it is now safe to leave a negative for the NPB?
  12. As said above, if the buyer did not respond, yes it is safe to leave neg feedback. If they responded to the dispute in any way even once, they can leave you neg.
  13. leave your feedback :biggrin:
  14. it:yes:
  15. How does one close the dispute then? I'm in a similar situation myself!