Non neutral Chanel bags

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  1. Those of you who own Chanel bags with color (reds, green, orange, plum, pink, etc.) do you find that you use them often enough to make the purchase worth it?

    Right now I own a navy jumbo, black mademoiselle and black woc. I want to add a m/l to my collection and was thinking about some color but not sure how often it would get used.

    I love a lot of the colors I see in reveals and think it would be so fun to have a nice pop of color. Have you regretted your colorful purchases?
  2. I bought a red 14c m/l last November and due to the crappy winter, haven't gone out as much as I normally do. I wore it once and I loved it.
  3. Yes! I use them often and no, I have not regretted my colorful purchases. :smile:
  4. I have the same thoughts when it comes to buying a colored bag. To make the investment purchase worth it personally, I limit them to my absolute favorite shades that I can't live without as that encourages me to take them out and use them. Makes me happy when I find the color I want and use. :tender:
  5. Yes love to use my colorful bags to add some pop to my otherwise boring and/or dark neural outfits. Definitely worth it and no regrets! Perhaps try first with a color that you love and that works well with the clothes that you already own? Red is a great choice!
  6. I have a red M/L classic and i think its one of my most used chanel bags. Also a turquoise green square mini that i take out every often and goes surprisingly well with a lot of outfits.
  7. I'm a neutral girl too, but I love me a pop of red! :biggrin:

    I have worn my m/l flap a lot more than my jumbo, so I think size plays a big factor. Depends on what you'd be comfortable with as I do think it garners more attention than a black bag.

    That being said, you need to be comfortable wearing a particular colour and how it goes with your wardrobe. I love the greens and pinks I've seen here, but knowing my own personal style I will never ever wear those colours in a bag. In the past I've tried to convince myself and end up having to sell the bag that's basically brand new since it sat in the closet for a year. I'm just not one of those people to change up my wardrobe to fit in a certain bag, if it doesn't work with what's in my closet currently, it's just not going to work for me period.
  8. I think I'm a lot like you. My wardrobe is fairly neutral so as suggested, I think I'll try red because I think it can give me the pop of color I'm craving without being a color that may be too difficult to fit into my wardrobe.

    Although I'm loving these blues and pinks in the recent reveals. Which is shocking to me because I didn't think I was much of a pink person but my goodness is that fuchsia just devine!
  9. I love the fushia too but didnt think I could pair it with a lot if outfits. So i got the fuschia zippy boy wallet :biggrin: hopefully i will use it a lot and planning to use it as a clutch too sometimes.
  10. I have a light pink jumbo and it's actually a pretty "neutral" ish color to me. :] It goes with pretty much everything in my closet. I'm reaching for it more than my black and beige Chanel flaps.
  11. I rotate all my Chanel bags periodically which include my blue easy caviar, red m/l, and plum reissue. I love all the colors and waiting for my prefect green to release.
  12. Yes the colours are just sooooo tempting! I was contemplating getting the fuchsia too, but I feel it would end up being a bag I just stare at and never wear.

    Try a red first and see how it works. Best of luck to you! Chanel makes so many beautiful colours it's hard to resist. ;)
  13. I have a 12A RED medium and I use it often, other than my blue WOC.
    That pop of color is nice
  14. The fuchsia is to die for! So gorgeous! That's probably my fave, but I already have a solid leather Coach that's bright pink. My only Chanel bag is etoupe. Before I got my Chanel and LV, the Coach was my everyday bag for a year ... no matter the season or what I was wearing. And I got compliments galore on it.

    I say pick a color you love and think you'll use the most, then go for it!
  15. I'm too like you..I know I'll get use more with black/blue bags with any outfits(or my mood,hope that make dont want to spend so much on a bag that just wore once or twice in a year....hehe:smile:
    But if u want to get a color,go for red.