NON-matching wallet + bag??

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  1. How about an 06 Legacy Shoulder bag or 06 Ali in Rose. A chocolate bag would look really good with it too.
  2. Why not get it in the Rose color?
  3. In addition to duffy0401's suggestions there's also the 06 shoulder flap in rose.
  4. The wallet is rose--did I accidentally post the brown?
  5. And how does one get an '06 bag besides eBay....I've heard so much bad stuff lately with sellers being not honest....:sad:
  6. Oh it came up as brown, my mistake
  7. I guess ebay is the best bet. I think that one just sold yesterday that looked really good. I just got an 06 Pond and it was perfect NWT. I guess if you check their feedback and use Paypal you would be pretty covered.
  8. Thanks for the tips gals! It's kind of backwards to be choosing the wallet 1st, then the bag. I just couldn't resist the rose colour....
  9. I'm not sure if the Leigh is still available but I think that came in Rose too.
  10. Thx duffy...I'll research that one too!
  11. It looks like it would be a good match. I would put it up on the authenticate thead just to make sure.
  12. i think that bag wuold go, i highly doubt people are going to be looking that closely to notice its not the exact same shade of pink.