Non-LV pen to use in small ring agenda?

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  1. I would love to find a pen to use but don't want to spend the big bucks on a LV pen. Which pen do you use in your small ring agenda? Looks like it has to be a skinny and short one! Someone had mentioned a Lamy pen but the nearest retailer from me is over 150 miles...
  2. I think someone mentioned buying a pen from Neiman Marcus online that fits just nicely?
  3. I actually couldn't find such a short and small pen and I didn't want to spend that much on those ugly pens. I bought a small ball pen instead and I clip it into the rings and that works perfectly.
  4. I ordered mine over the phone from Daytimer. I have the small ring agenda and I got a small silver pen, two refills, and shipping for about $11. It fits perfectly - can't beat that.
  5. Hi, I like that small pen at Neimans but wish I could find one a liitle longer, the pen at Neimans works nicel though.
  6. Great ideas! I also remember in an old post someone talking about a pen from Tiffanys that works well if you want to spend some extra$$$. My agenda is still penless!
  7. Thanks all! I really appreciate the replies! I actually have a credit to use at daytimer, so am going to go for that one. I can even personalize it! :yes:
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