Non-LV bag charm on an LV handbag??

  1. Neiman Marcus sells them and they ship internationally
  2. ow great thank you!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Ugh photobucket loathes me and I could not resize the above photo properly.
  5. I tend to put my charms on the side, clipped inside the lock. Pink JC strawberry charm...
  6. I have a Juicy cherry enamel charm on my damier alma, here we go..

  7. You read my mind. Those two are the best, IMO.
  8. Ohhhh.. great minds think alike! I've just bought up a storm on these JC charms!! I bought like errmmm... ALOT.:sneaky: I'll post pics when they arrive!!:wlae:

    In the meantime, gals with JC charms on their bags, pls pls post pics! I'd love to see more!
  9. I love the snowflake...that would look great on Speedy:love: . Eluxury hummm???
  10. Here is the fawn on my reade! I :heart: it! I just bought this little birdy too!
    fawn.jpg 5a_1.JPG
  11. OHHH how sweeettt is that???:love: :love: Precious!
  12. Those JC charms are so cute!
  13. Ooooo, I like this one...Love the colors! It would look nice on any mono/damier bags. hmm..ut oh!:angel:

    eLUXURY - Juicy Couture - Juicy Nesting Doll Charm

    I've always liked and been attracted to things that look "oldie". This caught my eye right away. Not to mention I've always liked these Nesting dolls...but again (that's because of the oldiness issue). LOL!!!!

    I also like the cherries, and the snowflake. Very cute!
  14. i love the strawberry! i love red...
  15. Here is the nesting doll charm on a Epi speedy 25...
    LVDollcharm.jpg LVDollcharm2.jpg