Non-Lesportsac Tokidoki Bags

  1. I've noticed on eBay that there are Tokidoki bags that are not Lesportsac brand. They are very plain and look almost homemade. What's the story behind these?
  2. i don't think they're real?
  3. They are fake.
  4. I know that the Tokidoki company itself has a line of merchandise such as jewelry, tshirts, etc. I'm just wondering if these bags are from that line or are they like some of the makeshift items that are sold in dollar stores that just happen to feature the characters?
  5. Someone told me that these bags were realeased abroad, not in the US, they are real Tokidoki bags, Simone made his own bags before he collaborated with LeSportsac to make tokidoki by LeSportsac. I'm guessing it was one of his first ventures.
  6. Cool. They aren't that expensive, so I might just see about one. If nothing else, it'll be a nice addition to a growing Tokidoki collection.
  7. I heard that they're not that expensive. I met a girl who had one and I asked her about it. She loved it and she got it when she was traveling abroad. She loved it more than any of the tokidoki LeSportsac purses. I'm sure it's so affordable b/c it doesn't have the LeSportsac name or the qee. Those two things jack the price up.
  8. Oh wait - do you mean the mostly-plain canvas bags? Those are real!
  9. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about...I think that's what she meant too. :smile:
  10. yah I think they are real, the plain ones, in more muted colors that mostly look like messengers? I see them occasionally on eBay.
  11. yeah those are real..ive seen those a couple years back...:biggrin: ...i believe you can find those in Europe..i forgot the site ...ill post it later when i find again.. :biggrin:
  12. I actually purchased a laptop size bag called the tokidoki city bag plus some other items. They are real and much more affordable. Here is the website:
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  13. Just went there and those bags are super cute. I like the flight bag. And the wallet, but they are sold out. I may get some of the erasers.
  14. i've alwaz wanted one of those bags, to add to my collection. they don't have a "hand" bag style & only come in messenger or shoulder totes, so that's why i resist...
  15. great site...they got cute things!! the erasers are soo adorable :biggrin: