Non-Lesportsac Makeup Pouches


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Jan 28, 2010
I have been on the hunt for a Caramellina or Caramella Tokidoki bag. I have seen a few on ebay that have not had the lesportsac "look"

I know they are no longer partnering, are these bags fake?
Is Tokidoki doing a small makeup bag on its own now?

Can anyone help me?


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Jul 8, 2006
New York
Tokidoki IS doing their own small cosmetic bag now. The new cosmetic bags started with the "Mimiteca" print; and the most recent print available in this cosmetic bag is "Astronauta". I have one in both the "Pegaso" and "Fantasma" prints, and their size is deceptive- they definitely hold more stuff than they look like they do!

If you could attach a link or a picture to the ones you are inquiring about, we could probably tell you if its legitimate or not.