Non-jean pants for a skinny guy! help!

  1. Heyaa :smile: The guy i'm dating is looking for 'dress' pants (basically anything but jeans, doesn't have to be super dressy or anything) but he's a mens size 27 (mayyybe 28). Does anyone know any brands in mind that would work? Perhaps a brand that runs super small even? He'd also prefer a more European (fitted) type look if possible- think rockstar at work;)

    Any ideas? Thanks so much!!

  2. He should try J. Lindenberg...they tend to have a narrow cut through the thigh and hip and the sizing runs small, so a 28 may fit him. Additionally, he may want to look at Helmut Lang, Jil Sanders and Lim 3.1 -- all of which tend to have a slim cut.

    J. Lindenberg = or
    Helmut Lang, Jil Sanders =
    Lim 3.1 = or

    Hope this helps...
  3. Thank you SO much!! Helps tons! :smile:
  4. [​IMG][​IMG]
    ^^wow, these are just amazing! If i was a guy, i'd be wearing those for sure! hehe Not sure if he'd be willing to shell $375 but mmannnnn they are sex! *droool*