Non-Incisional DES in Seoul. Tips? Experience? Prices?


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Feb 14, 2019
Hello! I would like to apologize for adding another thread about this topic, but I wanted to summarize all of my questions in one post and I would like to get the most up-to-date info possible.

I'm a Korean-American girl living in the US (I speak Korean conversationally, not fluently) and I am looking to get non-incisional DES when I go to Seoul this month or next.

I've been consulting with Dream, MINE Clinic, and Cinderella regarding a non-incisional DES. They've quoted me at 1.7-1.8m KRW for just the non-incisional DES.

1. Are there other smaller clinics that I should check out for non-incisional DES? I want to get both the consultation and surgery in a short span of time (same day or within 2 days).
2. What price should I haggle to? From my research, it seems like 1.7-1.8m is pretty pricy for what I am requesting. Also, how should I haggle (AKA what should I leverage)? Will speaking in (awkward) Korean help?
3. I plan on seeing people while I'm there, but don't really want them to know that I've gotten DES. Has anyone gotten non-incisional and can offer some advice about recovery time, reducing bruising, swelling, etc.?

I truly appreciate any help! I really am looking forward to it, but I want to make sure that nothing goes wrong.


Aug 23, 2014
You might want to checkout Shinseung and Dream. Here are some links to threads from other forumers who shared their results. I was really impressed and I'm actually leaning toward Dr. Park at Dream for my revision rhino and eyelid surgeries. I think I read somewhere on here that some clinics give at least 20% off for discounts. Good luck.

Dr. Shin at Shinseung.
Dr. Park at Dream.