Non-Herve Bandage Dresses: What's Your Take?

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  1. I would like to hear your thoughts on HL bandage dresses copycats. Be it plastered with the fake HL tags or generic/unbranded dresses on countless online sites - that doesn't necessarily come with the HL brand but are definitely inspired by the brand.

    Would you buy one?

    I've purchased a couple of unbranded ones but whose designs are inspired by HL. I do say they are of no brand when asked and do not try to pass them off as an Herve. The first one I bought I did not have an idea it was an Herve design (just a simple black plain bandage dress) but the second dress I knew it was a copycat to a style because it's quite a popular Herve design.

    And I'm not going to lie, I want to buy a few more because they are nice and affordable. I'm the type who's not willing to buy expensive $1000+ piece of clothing. Bags? Yes. Clothes? Nope. I also know that there are brands like French Connection, Guess, etc. that do carry bandage dresses but to be honest, they are ill-fitting compared to the HL-inspired bandage dresses being sold online...

    Anyway, I'd like to learn more about the issues (if any) and thoughts of fellow-tpf ladies on buying designer-inspired bandage dresses because I don't see this topic discussed as much nor read/hear on legal actions done by the company on tons of online sites who sell copycats...
  2. It depends on what you mean HL/unbranded HL. A bandage dress is not HL without the label, highstreet copies/inspired/whatever have their own labels, just another brand.

    Herve Leger founder, Hervé Peugnet, designed the first bandage dresses in the mid 1980s.Max Azria bought the company and churns out dresses that are mere imitations of the amazing creations that HL produced pre-1998. So it has an HL label :shrugs: Why pay thousands for an imitation when you can buy them of similar quality cheaper elsewhere?
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    Hi! I have, in mind just to name a couple when I google bandage dresses. Obvious copycats of HL design - sans the HL tag. I'm from Asia and we have some small business stores here that do sell them - coming from China. They are about USD 60-100 equivalent.

    I do have one French Connection ribbon knit dress (very much like a bandage dress) and WowCouture ones that have their own bandage dresses BUT we also have those HL-like ones - your pick if you want HL tags on or off because some sell them with and some without but they are obvious copycats to the style/design. These are the ones I'm most interested in - they fit good and are affordable.

    I also read about Herve Leroux (Peugnet) about how he lost his business rights to his own name. What a bummer...
  4. I have a Guess bandage dress and I actually quiet like it and think it's pretty good quality. I also have HL dresses btw.
  5. I wish the real HL were a bit more affordable :biggrin: I'm so not comfortable spending that much money on clothing! But they are definitely beautiful no doubt about that :smile:
  6. I agree! They are a bit overpriced and I am lucky to have found one I really liked on sale with 70% off.
  7. Ahhhh, I see :yes:

    I have a FC one too and some original vintage HL. I don't think there's anything wrong in buying and wearing anything that makes you feel good, just so long it doesn't have a copycat label to go with the dress ;)

    I know :sad:
  8. :tup:
  9. I have a Bebe bandage dress! In fact, I love the majority of their bandage dresses, even though they've been said to copy Herve Leger. Lol now I just need to lose a few lbs so I don't feel like a stuffed sausage in it. ;) the one problem with that style! Def. not bloated friendly! Lol
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, as long as (like anything) the quality is there. For example, so many brands have done/are doing black quilted lambskin bags just like Chanel. I have a DKNY one which I LOVE and on looks is very similar to the Chanel version. Also how many brands are copying the wrap dress which is a DVF speciality? There is nothing wrong with buying these and your non-Herve dress comes into the same category.

    A fake version though, complete with HL label is a different story.
  11. Guess, Bebe, Express, BCBG, etc. have their versions of bandage dresses so you can get the look you want without paying $$$$ for HL. I know HL lovers talk about the quality of HL and how it sucks you in, but if you don't need the sucking power (for lack of better words lol) then I don't see the problem with getting a less expensive alternative. I wouldn't get one with a fake HL label though or try to pass it off as the real deal. But, I feel like the bandage look is trendy (although HL has been around for a long time), so it's a bit foolish to pay so much for that IMO. Even HL on sale is pricey!

  12. I agree. F21 bandage dresses are not tight at all but I love how they fit anyway!
  13. I bought Express and Guess dresses before I moved up to HL. They fit great, and I liked them, though to be honest, I can't imagine going back now that I wear HL. You can tell the difference (even moreso with vintage HL and Alaia). I've never paid full price for any of my HL and probably wouldn't do so. I do have some FC dresses that I wear and like now, though not the ones that are clearly in the HL style.

    That said, as long they're not knockoffs, there are plenty of great dresses at various price-points. Knock off HLs are another matter. If you don't want to spend the money for a real HL, you have so many other options rather than resorting to knock offs (especially as it's easy to spot them if you're familair with HL).