Non-giant hardware colors

  1. Could you guys please educate me on the non-giant hardware? I know that for the most part, it's brass, but is there small silver out there this season? What's the general info on the regular sized hardware and its color history? Thanks!
  2. i think after f/w04 it will come with brass and the studs behide the handles have notches.
    that's all i know
  3. I thought I saw some standard sized hardware somewhere that was silver, not brass. Maybe I was dreaming!
  4. It's pewter hardware, I believe, and you have to search for it, they are from past seasons.
  5. On the coin purse (and the money wallet?), there are either small brass or small silver/gold studs (like the SGH/GGH hardware on bags, just smaller). Haven't seen one irl though!
  6. The Matelasse bags have shiny silver hardware, maybe that is where you saw it?
  7. the linen/fabric bags often have regular silver hardware