Non-Flashy Everyday Work Purse

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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm on the seach for a non-flashy, durable everyday purse. Good quality as well. Any materials. I'd like to say under $1000. I'd like it large enough to carry some paper work and maybe my lunch?

    I'm a Chanel and LV gal mostly but I like all brands. Most LV and Chanel have logos or are too expensive and special for me to carry everyday to work. I have a few Dior, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, as well. A lot of my bags have seem to have some kind of logo on them (like the Prada triangle on the nylon bags, Fendi spy (too flashy for work!), or obvious bags like my Marc Jacobs stam and 5 pocket). I'm also open to any other designers or even like a nice Banana Republic Leather bag? Something simliar to that.

    When I'm at work I would prefer to be more low key. I'm looking for a designer bag that is not flashy but not too boring either! No noticable logo's but still a designer bag, that looks designer to those who know but may just be an everyday bag for the untrained eye. Maybe a small name on the zipper pull or something but not any logo prints or anything. I hope you guys understand what I mean! Any help or advice is welcome!

    Just an FYI: I currently am using a Gryson for Target black tote. It's cute for now but very low quality and I don't like the feel of the PVC. I don't really like using it but it's all I have for a "work bag".
  2. YSL Muse or Tribute- and the Celine Luggage tote would get my vote. I just bought the Celine to use for work for the exact same reason- though I love the Muse as well....let us know what you decide!!!
  3. Bottega Veneta bags.
  4. I love the idea of you getting a Bottega Veneta bag for work since it is very luxurious and low-key. However, if the leather is too delicate for your liking, I think you should take a look at J.Crew...they make great bags that are made from durable leather so you don't have to "baby" it as much. Cute details, no logos, and under budget!
  5. Mulberry, Celine and Loewe. Chic and understated.
  6. ^ ITA :yes:
  7. All my workhorse bags are by Mulberry. They are durable & low maintenance. Although I can't really say about the newer styles from Mulberry. They seems to be more on delicate side.
  8. BV bags are not delicate at all I reckon:P
  9. oh yes, the Muse or Mulberry!
  10. ita!
  11. I totally agree!

    I"ve purchased pricey handbags from another designer based in Italy/London where my bags became scuffed, marked/scratched and even stained from the rain. Now to me that's delicate.

    But my Bottega I wear daily even in rain or snow and never baby. I"m off right now to the gym with my maxi ebano. What a bag!
  12. BV is generally a little pricey for an everyday work bag, IMO. How about Michael Kors?
  13. yes, celine!
  14. I would suggest checking out Coach for classic works bags.

    For me tho I like a bit of flash even at work. It is bad enough I have to go to the office everyday. At least I have the enjoyment of taking an awesome bit of a flashy bag along to make it more interesting. :smile: