Non-Exotic Leather Pricing.

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  1. I have had the great pleasure of reading up on the experiences of every contributor in this forum. The Hermes forum has got to be the most harmonious in its altruistic devotion to the brand.

    Some of you may know that I am about to order a 45 cm Birkin. But I would really like to ask you girls and guys about the order of leather prices. Which is the cheapest and which the more/most expensive. All I know is that my chevre costs more than Togo by a bit. But which is more expensive? I understand that Vache Liegee is dearer than Togo but is it pricier than chevre?...what about swift? I am so confused. My deadline to order is coming up really soon and I need to make a choice. At the moment, it's either chevre or VL. Sigh.....:sad: :confused1:

    Does anyone know the order of pricing? HG? GF? Hello2703?
  2. Let me see (scratching head), I'm trying to remember what they told me. Price in ascending order according to the SAs:
    togo, clemence
    Swift (not by much), buffalo will probably be around here Eric
    vache liegee

    Eric, I should add that these are according to what I saw last year. Earlier this year, I saw a barenia bag that probably now outprices box, so this order may have changed.
  3. Every Epsom I've ever seen was less than Togo and Clemence. Last time I was shown 2 30cm Birkins the Togo was $250 more than Clemence - though even SA didn't know why.... There just seemed to be more Clemence last year which may account for the higher price of Togo.

    Box is more than Chevre for sure but not a huge amount more.
  4. Thanks so much HG and Gazoo,

    My new 45 cm may just have to be chevre again. Can't deal with Box, It'd break my heart. And I don't know enough about VL to take the plunge with that leather. I am not too keen on stamped leathers. Though I love the rigidity of VL, I have had such a bad experience with the fading and discolouration with my 40cm Courchevel. This has not occured with my chevre. Does the fact that the leather is not naturally grained(i.e stamped) have anything to do with colour fastness? HG, you know I am in love with your 45cm togo. In fact, it was looking at your black 45 that actually planted the seed. I think I what the same one in chevre and Indigo or Midnight(available in chevre?). Good grief...I am sure this is going to cost a fortune....yet again! This 'H'addiction is going to be the end of me.

    BTW:There's a white 45cm Birkin displayed in our latest catalogue....clemence, I think.
  5. Well, Eric, I've seen chevre and Swift get that fading I believe you're talking about. I want to make sure I understand, you mean the light color that happens after a scuff? Especially at the corners? If that's what you're talking about, that can happen to any leather.

    No buffalo, Eric?
  6. Eric, I too am not a fan of the stamped leathers...
    Yes, what happened to buffalo? Is that out of the running now?
  7. Eric, I think VL is a natural grained leather, not stamped (I am assuming stamped means the same as embossed, like epsom)
  8. Is fjord out of the running?
  9. Eric - what HG said :yes:.
  10. Chevre fades as well? My idea of fading is when your handles lighten and the awful discovery that the bag gets an uneven colour upon close inspection. My Courchevel bag had handles which lightened to the point where the Gold colour faded to the point where the much lighter base colour was revealed and after that, the dark brown of the natural leather beneath was also visible. I am a bit wont to send it in for a spa treatment as I am sure it will e at least a year before it comes back to me. I live in Malaysia and it took me 6 months just to have a defective snap/button on my Garden Party replaced. And the bag came back FILTHY gray. I had to send it for dry cleaning.

    I understand about the scuffing bit. All this fading is very worrying. I'm a bit insecure, I guess. If Vache Liegee fades like my Courchevel does, I would be heartbroken. And now, I find out that my Chevre will suffer the same fate? I use the Birkins as everyday bags. :crybaby: They'll fade even faster now!

    Regard to Buffalo, I'm a bit worried about the weight and slouchiness of buffalo. And I am considering Chevre or Vache Liegee now. I am not into slouchy bags myself. I have a few bags(Tods & Bottega) that slouch and I find myself not using them as much. I need 'e hard and stiff(now now!) and preferably with natural grain.
  11. Fjord weights a ton. And sags too. :p
  12. Okay, I understand better now. Then maybe you should go for chevre. You may get wear on the corners, but I don't fading will be such an issue. I hear you about your bags being sent to the craftsman. My Carmen keyring popped a stitch, ONE stitch, and it's been sitting there for 3 months. I had to make sure they didn't lose it. Yep, still there collecting dust.
  13. Thanks so much to all of you. And HG, thank you for showing me your 45. It was love at first sight.

    HG, does H make chevre in midnight or indigo?

    Thank you all for helping me choose the leather type. It shall be chevre yet again. LOL.

    And now colour. For a bag of that size, I thought dark would be best. I am not even going to bother with black as I will be told that the wait will be 5 years or something. So it will have to be a dark blue or a very dark gray. Any idea what sort of colours come in that leather? I wish there was an H-Store in Penang. But the poor shop would close. There just aren't enough people who are in love with the brand over here. Can you believe that? There are those in my town, that think that the ultimate luxury is LV/Chanel and they think I am crazy. We'll see about that!Hmmph(And whether their bags will still be here in ten years). HG, I need your encyclopaedia knowledge yet again...
  14. Alright Ladies and Gents,

    My order has just been given to the Manager at the H-Store.

    First choice: Birkin 50cm in Chevre de Coromandel - Bleu Indigo with Palladium Guilloche Hardware and Lining in chevre Cocoan.

    2nd Choice: Birkin 50cm in Chevre de Coromandel - Black with Gold Hardware.

    3rd Choice: Birkin 50cm in Black Fjord.

    The bag will come, I am told, FAST!
  15. Aww that is great Eric! How exciting for you!