Non-Epsom Sellier Kelly?


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Jul 5, 2020
I LOVE Sellier Kelly and it suits my lifestyle. I want to use Kelly as a business bag and the Retourne style seems to be a little casual to me. But I am not a huge fan of the Epsom leather. I generally prefer leathers that look more like natural leather...if that makes sense.

It seems like if I insist on Sellier, there are not so many choices of leather expect Epsom. To my limited knowledge, a Sellier Kelly (28 or 32) could be also of Box, Tadelakt, etc, but they are hard to get? Also Mysore or Togo but those are SO?

I already turned down an offer of Kelly 32 Epsom Sellier in Etain...not sure should I accept Epsom so that I will have a Sellier Kelly sooner or should I wait for Box or Tadelakt or other? Are Box leather or Tadelakt leather really prone to scratches?

Any suggestions are welcomed.
Nov 6, 2017
Yes, epsom is by far the most common leather available for a 'regular' Kelly sellier offer. Other leathers include box and chevre, but my understanding is that these are quite rare. I've seen offers of sombrero and tadelakt but tbh, I think these are even more rare!

Box shows scratches but also spas up would just need to be comfortable w your bag showing wear.

Togo sellier only available via SO.

Generally the advice is to wait for what you really want BC if you don't like epsom, it will always bother you and at these prices, you don't want that. I'd suggest checking out the resale market for box sellier. It can be easier to accept scratches to the bag when they already come with it and you get a slightly better price for the bag as a result


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Aug 31, 2008
I am a fan of sellier in heritage leather. It’s easiest to find on recommended resellers sites. Most of the current offerings in the boutique are epsom. I personally would rather not have epsom bc it cannot be refurbished if worn, and sellier corners tend to get bunged up. However, if weight is a consideration for you, epsom is the lightest.

Of course if you pick something on a reseller site, pls get it authenticated via the thread or by private authentication by Bababebi. Docride is also a great resource, on her Lazarus thread; by private consultation and/or private spa Services. doc has helped me with box, Vache Natural, and Barenia.


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Aug 31, 2008
Forgot to add, what people sometimes forget in their quest for the perfect bag, the scratches on box, barenia, VN etc leather will eventually form the basis of a buffed out patina (assuming you care for the leather And/or request a professional like docride or another to do so via agreed upon spa or other work.
Jun 28, 2020
I am dying for a sellier in Togo or Chevre. I know they only available in SO so will wait for that to happen one day. On my wishlist right now is a K28 Sellier in Noir Epsom. I don’t mind epsom at all so we will see.


Jan 7, 2020
I have two Kellys in Epsom. The only reason why I go for Epsom is because I have two small children and I find them more ‘bulletproof’ and worry free than other leathers. It’s all down to lifestyle and preferences. I like my bags looking perfect and once I get a stratch i can’t get over it!
I even ordered a SO Kelly in Epsom last year (still waiting) but I’m slowly second guessing myself


Feb 7, 2016
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I really love my chèvre Kelly Sellier and am hoping for Togo Kelly Sellier next. Chèvre is structured but also softer than Epsom making it easier to get things in/ out, feels durable/ scratch resistant and easy to maintain, and has a gorgeous sheen to it. Maybe you can really emphasize how much you would love one in a leather such as chèvre/Togo and try your luck at a SO? It never hurts to ask..