Non-eBay... We are probably S.O.L, but is there anything we can do?!

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  1. Rarrr... Mother doesn't always know best!!! She placed a phone order for products for her business for $250. The "company" wanted a COD upon delivery... She of course runs to the bank and get a cashiers check.

    The package arrived today and guess what??? Not the right products, not even close!!! We went to the bank to see if anything could be done & they said to contact the UPS. Well UPS can't do anything either!!! Now what? Are we, or should I say- Is she S.O.L?!

    We believe it was deliberately done... She tried calling and they just took her info & said someone would get back to her. Her friend, who is also in the same business, also ordered the same day & rec'd the same crap! The business is "B & K Accessories" out of Tarzana, CA...

    *I originally posted under the General Discussion, but I think you guys might give me more info...
  2. I think you did the right thing thus far. Only other thing you can do is contact the Better Business Bureau and see if you can pull up any other info on them online. How did she find out about the company?
  3. Thanks! I am definitely going to help her contact the BBB & file a police report in that city. Our local police department said they couldn't help & we would have to file a civil suit...
  4. Ooops. please only post a topic one time.
Thread Status:
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