Non-Ebay transaction: shipping to unconfirmed address

  1. I need some advice please,
    my boyfriend sold some car accessories on a car forum and the buyer sent him a payment (from a different name and address) and requested we send the item to this other address (not the paypal confirmed address).

    My boyfriend is using my account for this transaction so I want to be sure its safe prior to sending out the item. Do you guys think its okay to send to a different address than the one listed on paypal account? (Also, as I mentioned before the name is completely different also). Two different names; addresses.

    What should I do? My boyfriend is getting frustrated at me for worrying but hey...after hearing so many scams and charge backs etc. of course I am scared!

    thanks in advance everyone!
  2. The fact that this is an off-eBay transaction doesn't change the fact that if the buyer disputes, your boyfriend will not be protected by paypal seller protection.
  3. Yes, definitely send to the confirmed paypal address... that's the only way to be covered by paypal seller protection.