Non-Designer Bags you love

  1. I am not sure why but I just love Guess handbags. I will be walking throught the store and buy them on such impulses. I got one tonight that I am just in love with. We have spent most of the night together. :yahoo:

    Here are pics of the two I have bought this year. (I have bought 4 total) And while they only cost around $80 - $100 each ... that is a big impulse buy for me !!!

    I bought the mocha one tonight :wlae:

    Here are the pics. What bags do you guys Just LOVE :heart: that aren't designer.

    The red Guess has actually lasted longer that the last Michael Kors bag I bought about the same time.
    Picture 044.jpg Picture 083.jpg
  2. Oh I am sorry I just saw the thread 2 pages over about non-designer bags. Sorry.
  3. those are both really cute
  4. those are cute!

    i love lesportsac! it's so fun and practical for everyday
  5. i lovee cheap bags from aldo!! of course i still love designer bags, but its nice to have some bags that you can carry even when its raining :smile:
  6. I'm a fan of Furla. I just bought a silver metallic tote and a mustard yellow patent leather at Bluefly. Nice Italian styling and leather at bargain prices. Love them!
  7. XO bags have really nice styles. I see them at TJ Maxx all the time. I may get one for my teenager. They're really inexpensive. :tup:
  8. I like my Clava. It's not a fancy brand at all. Just like the leather.
  9. I saw a girl with a great Guess bag in white but it must have been from another season because I could not find it anywhere. I like the look of the guess bags, they always catch my eye when someone is carrying one. I second the clava leather too...I have a black backpack from them that I use for a diaper bag and it has held up really well.
  10. I was on a HUGE Chanel & LV binge & just recently have gone back to enjoying things that are quality but not a GAZILLION dollars. My favs:
    Cynthia Rowley
    Longchamp (the leather bags)
    Lesportsac (just super cute)
    Coach (the traditional all leather ones)
    Linea Pelle (Got a $500+ on sale for $146 thanks to a TPFer) Super soft leather, comfy & nice quality
    Also any bag at Marshalls or TJ Maxx that is SUPER nice leather but just a no-name bag, KWIM?
  11. I am a true bag lover at heart because I really do love all bags. I was just in Target tonight admiring all the "fun" no-name bags. I bought a large canvas one to use for going to the beach/ pool.
  12. ooh!!i LOVE my guess and leather lizC bags!!and it's nice to know these stand in good light her even with all the big name bags lovers hehe.
    i ADORE lesportsac's my foolproof baby bag!!
  13. I've seen the red one at TJM.....cute, really cute!
  14. I have owned Liz Claiborne and Nine West bags in the past, and I found them to be well made for the price point. The Liz Claiborne bag I had was really neat. It had bold hardware on the handles and a front pocket that opened like an accordion. Inside the pocket were slots for ID and credit cards and pen loops. It made organizing my stuff so easy. The Nine West I had was similar in that way. I wish more designer brands had those kinds of features.

    To the original poster: your brown Guess bag is cute! I like how it has a slightly distressed look to it.
  15. i got some cool leather bags from zara and mango. also i love to shop vintage bags