non designer bag

  1. does any one car no designer bags from walmart target ect if you like the style of the bag
  2. Yes :smile: I have a $5 silver perforated pleather hobo with cute tassles on it that I bought at Walmart. I take it with me when I go wall climbing. Since I'm covered in chalk afterwards, I don't like to bring my nice bags.
  3. Heck ya! I have 2 boys - age 2 and 7 months so I don't carry a good bag when we go out in the day - it would be covered in cookie mush, slober etc.
    But it still has to be a cute bag =)
  4. I don't mind getting a bag that isn't branded as long as I like it.
  5. I have lots of no designer name brand bags. And no brand name ones at all like beaded bags from India.
  6. my non-designer bags mostly are vintage bags... and i love them :P
  7. only non-leather bags... with leather you really get what you pay for
  8. great choice:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  9. I bought non-designer bags before and somehow never get to treasure them unlike designer ones where it makes me feel so good owning one and I take good care and use them for years.

    Pls don't call me a snob but I'm sure most of you out there will agree that it's really nothing like carrying a well made designer bag. Sadly, those non-designer bags that I bought on impluse will either have a very very short relationship with me before I give them to my Mom. Some I never even carry at all!

    Just to quote an example, my friends know that I love designer bags. There was this time when I carried one that was not and the first thing she said was "what on earth made you buy this bag" - not that it was ugly.

    I've told my dh that when we are old and retired, I can 'down-grade' my lifestyle, but the must have will have to be at least one designer handbag to use! I hope I don't have to compromise on this.
  10. i have multiple non designer bags... but none from walmart.. i dont carry them now, but i carry them when it is raining..... i have nine west, liz claiborne, rosetti, and the likes...
  11. I have tons of non-designer bags. I carry them often and love them as much as my designer bags. I get most of mine from Target, Mervyns, etc.
  12. I have a lot of non-designer bags that I bought just because I liked the style or look of the bag. The quality of some of my no-name bags hasn't been as good as the designer bags but I don't feel too terribly bad when a $10 bag falls apart.
  13. I own non-designer bags: vintage or evening bags (ie beaded clutches)
  14. I carry a secondhand (good quality, nice leather) Jane Shilton - who let's face it is not a "designer" by most standards - leather shoulder bag for daily shopping. It works, I'm not fussing about the frozen carrots brushing it, no-one gives a flying doughnut at the bus queue. <shrugs> :smile:

    Otherwise, no - only if I was going to an area to see a client where I might get mugged. Life is too short to carry bad handbags.:graucho:

    Cx :smile:
  15. If I love the design and color, you bet! I have a little black bag from Target that I sometimes pack for an emergency evening bag-takes up no space at all in the suitcase and I hate to put expensive things in a checked suitcase.
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