non denim black skinnys?

  1. im looking for skinny pants that are black and not jeans.. any suggestions?
  2. i saw a pair at armani exchange the other day....they looked great!!
  3. dolce&gabbana have some fab ones too
  4. ysl, gucci, balenciaga, loewe, hugo.
  5. I want to know as well. Are there any online?
  6. Try Diesel Jeans (Livy style) or Armani Exchange. This would be a seasonal item if you're after non-jean material.
  7. Gap has some that are new super skinnies and they fit quite nicely.
  8. I love the J Crew Minnie pants (very flattering and come in a variety of materials and colors).

    ETA: Oy.. this is an old thread. :nuts:
  9. right! janesmith2000 unearthed quite a few threads from 2006 this morning (noticed it while I was up a o'dark early - LOL)

    I agree - gotta love Minnie pants!
  10. ATL..Modern skinnies..not sure if they have any left though..
  11. i have a pair of joe's jeans and they are very nice. they are just black pants with a little stretch but are not denim.
  12. try theory, helmut lang, rag & bone and alice and olivia.
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