Non-conventional tennis bracelet


Aug 9, 2007
I'm shopping for a tennis bracelet that's a little different from the conventional round-diamond ones. I found one at Tiffany that was created from different shaped diamonds. That took my breath away but so did the price tag. So I went back to my trusty jeweller, and he pulled out a pink diamond tennis bracelet in rose gold. Wow, it was beautiful! But I'm wondering if pink diamonds are as timeless as white ones. Apparently they're more expensive than white diamonds and have been fetching sky high prices at Christies and Sotheby's these days. Can some of the diamond experts here give me some advice?


May 17, 2006
depends on the quality of the stones and if they are natural fancy colored or treated! fancy colored stones are timeless and only become more rare! but as with all diamonds it depends on the actual stone the actual piece the craftsmenship etc etc you can find stones or pavé that is jsut horrible and incredible done things/stones

but timeless or not valuable or not buy what you love and what takes your breath away