Non-communicative sellers...grrrr.

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  1. I bought an item on Sunday night and paid immediately with PayPal.

    24 hours pass and no communication from the seller.

    48 hours pass and no communication from the seller. I send a brief e-mail asking for a heads up about when they plan to ship my item.

    72 hours pass since auction end and 24 hours since my inquiry about shipping and still no communication from the seller. This kind of thing really irks me. :cursing:

    At what point do you think I should send another message?
  2. I think *bay/PP says a seller should ship within 7 days (I don't know if that is mandatory, though), but I would check with PP. You can also look at the listing under "order details" and see if the seller added shipping info there. I always contact my buyer immediately after the sale and when I ship, but not all sellers do. I didn't hear from a seller recently but he did add shipping info to the listing. If sellers are selling a lot of items, maybe they just do that instead of responding to emails. Not the best way to run a business, IMO, but at least I got the information that I wanted that way.
  3. While I realize a person who doesn't respond to an inquiry might be irritating, unless you asked a question when you paid I wouldn't have expected communication in the first 48 hours. Since you asked about shipping and 24 hours has passed, I would wait another 24 hours before sending another message.

    Did you ask via eBay or in email?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I checked the order details, and unfortunately there is no shipping information listed. I've sent another message to the seller through eBay tonight. I prefer to communicate via eBay since there is a record of the communication should anything be amiss.

    I'm usually not this antsy about lack of seller communication, but this person does not have perfect feedback (though most of it is glowing) so I'm on pins and needles for this transaction. :shrugs:
  5. My advice is to be patient, knowing that you're protected by paypal if you don't get your item. The seller either has the flu (etc) or is kinda flaky and gets around to things on their own time. If the item just eventually shows up with no communication from the seller, then reflect that in the star rating for communication. This sort of thing used to get me so frustrated on ebay but then I decided to refocus my energy on inventing an internet cattle prod to wake up sellers who don't communicate....
  6. The same thing happened to me recently. The most expensive item I have purchased and the seller took 4 days to post. A week later and I am still waiting for it even though I paid express. I feel the same way you do. It's almost as if they made the sale, now why put any effort into it afterwards.
  7. Any tracking yet?
  8. :roflmfao: Let me know how that goes!

    Still nothing, but I'm going to chill out and just wait. I'm like an OCD seller when I sell stuff about letting people know I got payment, shipping info, etc. I realize that not everyone is as into the details!
  9. Me too! As a seller, I can't fathom blowing off a buyer's questions about shipping etc. But as a buyer, I've had it happen to me too many times to count. Lately I've had a bad rash of post sale non-communication (sounds like I should see a dermatologist) from non ebay sellers, ie small boutiques and the such.
  10. Arsweb, I totally sympathize with you right now!

    I won an auction on Saturday night, and I had sent the seller a msg Friday night, asking if it included a dustbag. I also said that either way, I plan to pay for it if I win but I was wondering about the dustbag.

    No response yet.

    Then after I paid for the purchase on Saturday night (immediately after I won the auction), I sent a second message asking if they would consider shipping it to my work address (I work at a non-profit and our contact info/staff list is available online), if possible.

    No response to that either.

    They claim that they ship out the next business day after payment, so I would expect that they would answer a question about shipping prior to shipment!


    We've also bought a $600+ crystal sculpture from a seller that does all BIN with no communication, at all. We paid, we hoped and magically, like 2 weeks later, it finally appeared. I don't think she even updated the "delivered" notice on the site and she left FB several weeks later.

    When I sell stuff on eBay, I'm literally responding back to people within 24 hours because I'm already checking on the auctions anyway. Ugh. Like you, I'm also an OCD seller so I would literally tell them I got payment, got it shipped, etc. Even once when I had to end an auction because of damage to the bag, I msged all the bidders to let them know what happened.