Non-common names?

  1. Other than the common jewellery names and pieces that we all know e.g. Tiffany, Chopard, Cartier, Harry Winston; what other jewellers producing unique pieces e.g. vintage jewellery, jade, etc that you love?

    I love Lotus Arts De Vievre, Loang & Noi and Haracca for their artistic creations, something unusual, different from the common diamond rings, necklaces and etc. They make use of different kind of precious stones such as ruby, emerald, jade, sapphires, rubys, pearls, etc and creatively set them into stunning pieces.

    I love rings more than anything else. I can't leave home without putting on one huge Loang & Noi ring. I have Indonesian roots, my grandfather, a Chinese Indonesian moved to Hong Kong; so I can't get away from blingy-blingy rings. :lol:
  2. Haha..what's Indonesia gotta do with it? Oo.. I get it..because alot of Indonesian people use HUGE stone on their ring right? You should see my garderner and electrician..both have a GIANT stone on their fingers (well, the stones are not exactly ruby etc..but still.. :P)
  3. Well, a pretty common name but one that in my opinion produces some truly beautiful and different jewlery is Georg Jensen.

    I LOVE their sterling silver pieces.
  4. I like some H. Stern pieces, especially because I love tourmalines. And there's a pair of tourmaline earrings at Seaman Schepps that I'm just dying for. I also just saw some great woven gold cuffs by Verdura

    I saw a fabulous ring by Nancey Chapman in a magazine yesterday. It's available at Bergdorf Goodman. And I noticed some vintage Jean Mahie pieces last month that I wish I'd sprung for. I adore Jean Schlumberger's designs for Tiffany.

    For sterling, I really like some of the earlier John Hardy pieces. I guess these are all pretty well regarded stores or designers, but they hadn't been mentioned yet.
  5. For haute joaillerie, Boucheron and Chaumet both do lovely work.
  6. Hmmm, there's this nice diamond store in ym city, I can't seem to remember what it's called. I think it's called Hot Diamonds or something, there are some really nice silver/diamond pieces there!
  7. I should have mentioned Elizabeth Locke and Elizabeth Gage. Both have similar work that harks back to Ancient Rome and Greece with intaglio glass, cabochon stones, and matte gold finishes.

    I saw some fabulous Roberto Coin pieces at Neiman-Marcus today including a pave ruby serpentine bracelet with marvelous craftsmanship. If only I'd had $27K handy!
  8. Isn't that always the case coco-nut? (Hope you are doing well by the way)
  9. I like Pianegonda for their uniqueness, and Tous. Tous is not exactly bling-bling, but their stuff is just too, too cute. I have their pendants hanging on my neck representing each member of my family. :love:
  10. I think Cathy Waterman makes gorgeous feminine pieces.
  11. I love Bonnie Basham and CC SKYE
  12. Lover Konstantino Kreations!
  13. I love Judith Ripka and Roberto pieces yet in my collection.
  14. Some pieces from Boodles are just stunning.:nuts:
    Especially with fine pink morganite ...:yes:
  15. Another Pianegonda fan here.