Non Chloe Bag opinion needed

  1. OK, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bay. So much, I'm not willing to use it as a diaper bag, lol!

    So, which of these two do you like better?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    But probably in Red or Black.
  2. Hmmm...tricky.I actually prefer the second one BUT it might make you look like you're carrying two handbags and ruin the effect of the Bay.The RRR bag looks more the part for a diaper bag...just make sure you're carrying recyclable diapers in it or you'll be in trouble with the Green Brigade (:yucky::yucky::yucky: Could never bring myself to use those washable diapers I'm afraid...actually I could barely bring myself to change the disposable ones either...good job my DH is in touch with his feminine side :graucho:)
  3. PS.If you're going for the smarter option ( bag No:2), I'd go for Red...although the beige and orange combo on the photo is not bad either.
  4. I'm for number 2? How about red? You can spot it accross the play room when you need it fast!
  5. I think N0. #1 is pretty cute! Looks more like a bag from your GS line.
  6. I like # 2 more than # 1. Its abvious its (#1) a recycle friendly bag, so I don't see a point writing that all over it!
  7. Thanks Girls... I'll take further looks at both tomorrow!
  8. OK, I went a different direction:


    I think I'm going to like it though, it sounds like the leather will be nice (not like Chloe or anything), and I'll have plenty of room for diapers, snacks, etc.
  9. Did you get this one or not yet??
  10. #2
  11. I got the last one, the:

    [​IMG] Re: Non Chloe Bag opinion needed
    OK, I went a different direction:

  12. Looks like the diaper bag I used!!!
  13. Neither of the first 2 struck me -- but when I saw the one you decided on, I liked it at first glance. Super cute :tup:
  14. Awww, thanks! Now I just have to stare out the window for the deliveryman! I think we need a smiley that expresses that!