NON-chanel bag

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  1. Which NON-Chanel bag do you use most frequently?
  2. My LV Epi Speedy in black!
  3. Balenciaga city
  4. Balenciaga, love, love !
  5. My LV Batignolles Horizontal
  6. lv speedy in black epi or mono
  7. lv cabas mezzo & multicolor mono pochette accessoires
  8. LV cabas mezzo
  9. My LV BH also
  10. My Chloe Paddington bags
  11. Ferragamo black gancio hobo
  12. None. I rotate too much. It's a sign of having too many bags. I really need to downsize.
  13. LV speedy 30
  14. For now, it has to be my new Loewe Amazonia bag in pink suede with pink croc trim.
  15. My anthracite Large YSL muse bag
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