Non Cartier Screwdriver for Love Bracelet

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  1. The screwdriver supplied with the Love bracelet, although sleek and sexy, is useless for getting the screws tight enough for the bracelet to stay on. Whenever I'm in a tool shop I try various small screwdrivers to see if any of them work. It must look odd to the employees when they see me fitting the screwdriver into my bracelet! I've found many where the blade is too narrow, too wide or too thin to make good contact with the slot. It's important that the screwdriver fit correctly and if it doesn't there's a risk of 'cam out' which will damage the head of the screw. All this leads up to my recent find of an Ace Hardware. Their Model# 24834 screwdriver, which seems to fit perfectly. Ace is a US company, so I can't speak to the availability outside of the US. Your mileage may vary and I make no promises, but if you're looking for a backup screwdriver, this one may be worth checking out.
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