Non-bag Hermes - belts, sunglassess, suggestions?

  1. Here's the thing: I have publicly confessed to you all that I am too much of a pig to be blessed with an Hermes bag because I treat them so badly. However, my husband pointed out that I am obsessively fastidious with my sunglasses (true: they're prescription, so I'm in trouble without them) and that my belts are always in good nick (well of course, darling, it's quite hard to mess up a belt, really.) Now this may be his cunning and parsimonious scheme to keep me off the expensive stuff but I think he has a point.

    Any ideas - other than flying off this continent (Africa) immediately -where I can find some eyecandy of Hermes belts and sunglasses (do they even make eyewear?) And preferably somewhere from whence such delights may be ordered STAT!

    As for belts, I am quite untrendy and like to wear them low and loose on my hips (sorry if that's very uncool, but it's really handy for hanging tools on, tying the odd spanner on with baling twine if I'm working in the fields etc!) So I need a belt that will come in a size compatible with my ample 36inch hips.

    Please give this poor, unstylish philistine some advice! Sure as anything I need a style guru, who can invent a style called "farmer chic"!:shame:
  2. ohhh - Lolo, the only thing i can think of is coulddo what I have and get a US mailing address, then you can order from, have it sent to the US address and they will forward it onto you in Africa...but don't have belts online usually - they DO have scarves, though...I can SO imagine 'farmer chic' including a scarf, for sure!!

    I still think you should get a lovely Massai or Evelyn bag to sling over your person - they aren't as $$ as the Birkin/Kellys, and are much more practical (and if you scuff them a little, who cares? It's your lifestyle!!)
    Actually, I just saw the new Evelyn II...It's the same as a regular evelyn, but a little roomier and in CHOCOLATE CANVAS with leather trim........THAT's farmer chic - yes-sireeeee!!!!!

    Most H belts by the way are designed to be worn at the 'true waist' least the ones I've tried (and own) are.....I like to wear belts low slung, too, sometimes, but my H belts just don't do it!! AND 36" hips ARE NOT AMPLE - you're teeny!!!!!!!!
  3. Grand Fonds, you have some good ideas there... and OMG how I love being called teeny because I'm not. I keep threatening to diet and lose the pregnancy weight I gained from my youngest. She's 9 YEARS old! I suspect H belts are made for dainty, chic gals with tiny waists. Maybe a man's one for me? Of course once I get an idea there's no stopping me and if I can get a genuine Hermes H buckle I would have no shame in attaching it to an old stirrup leather or something. I know the Masai bag by the way, and it's a fine idea. Tempting indeed...
    I must admit I love anything with an H on, as it's the same letter as my surname. I didn't change my name when I married, for professional reasons (I wasn't always a farmer!) and all our linen has an "H" monogramme. Strangely, I used to love Bruno Magli shoes and bags but I do wish the "M" on my croc bag was an "H". Weird, huh?!
  4. The only belts that I have seen are rather rigid. If you could find one of a softer leather then you could probably wear it lower. Actually I like Chanel chain belts to wear low slung, but that isn't going to hold the spanner:lol: In consideration of how you want to wear it, I would almost consider buying a fake belt from eBay. You are going to ruin a real one using it for a work belt.:sad:
  5. I would highly recommend a scarf (the pocket ones are small and easy to tie) and another item they have lots of is bracelets!! I have 3 different styles and they are all awesome. The enamel ones you can see on-line and on e-bay and are very sturdy...and I highly recommend e-bay for buying bags as I have been very lucky there as well....good luck! BTW, I live on a small mini-farm here and just happen to love nice bags as well as fresh eggs lol!!!
  6. Oh gracekelly, I am awful, I promise my belts somehow don't get a beating like my bags do. The thing is, I realise I'm terribly fussy. When I bought a bag that ought to have been appropriate for my everyday life (a brown leather Billy Bag, very capacious etc) I hated it: a bag must have structure, good lines, elegance etc no matter when you use it. The Billy Bag now hangs outside my stables and holds the horses' over-reach boots etc. btw my Hermes scarves are treated with love and passion, I especially buy some tatty ones that I can use, for example, to hold my hair back when riding.
    Oh! gracekelly was I dreaming or have you been buying bags again?
  7. The scarves Lolo are a great way to go and I LOVE Grands Fonds suggestion about the Masaii! I think it's the perfect bag for your lifestyle AND I also think that if you run across a vintage Kelly on eBay you should jump on it! I can so see you with a lovely Vintage go with some of your lovely vintage scarves!!!!
  8. A Shopmom, luring me into the Hermes bag world.... you won't believe this, but I have fallen in love with the Constance alligator porosus (I saw one just now on e-bay, I think it was last-second selling it, a vintage, but of course I have forgotten.... Now the thing is: it's too darn small. I think the dimensions were tiny, like 9 inches wide or so. I need a giant portmanteau! I'm sure you gals will know whether I can get a bigger one. I swear I will look after it, treasure it like a new-born babe. No horses, carrots, children, power-tools, baling twine will be allowed on the same planet!
  9. I think a large 35cm Kelly might work for you. I'm dreaming about a red Birkin:upsidedown: I'm just posting bags that I have. The gold Birkin was my last Birkin purchase in June. My last Kelly was in July. Haven't put that picture up yet. I'm waiting to put it in my "brown" series:lol: I'm going to post some of my scarves for you really soon. I took pics of the plisses. When I saw the pile of flat scarves I was frightened off:lol: That will take me forever! I need to get a really good camera. The piece of junk I have isn't getting a nice large pic and I'm having trouble uploading to this site. :girlsigh:
  10. Constance sizes are:

    17cm tall x 23cm x 5cm
    15cm x 18cm x 4cm
    10cm x 14cm x 3

    I'm not sure if the Constance comes any bigger but here's a suggestion......(not that I'm enabling or anything:rolleyes: ) but given your lifestyle why not get one "rough-n-tumble" bag and one "keep-away-from-the-farm-equipment" bag. Ive seen that Constance you're talking about and it's a little beauty. Good price and looks like it's in veyr good condition. I'll check again but if you love it like it sounds like you do, perhaps you should consider getting it.

    And I KNOW your new scarf acquisition would look FABBY with it!!!!

    Gonna go check her out again, right now! :flowers:
  11. Ellen deGeneres had on a very Chic Hermes H belt on today on the TODAY SHOW this morning. She wore it in the belt loops, but it looked like her pants were low waisted, and she had on her vans or converse shoes and a business shirt. I thought she looked very NICE and Chic!!

    I think an "H" belt would look so COOL on you. I don't own one, but like looking at other people's =)
  12. Shoes319, alas I am already very badly addicted to the scarves, having collected since my teens; I've resisted anything else until now. The bracelets are a must ; I'm thinking the black enamel one with the "H" is for me. To start. I envy you your fresh eggs as I've given up with poultry as there are too many predators. I once had a mongoose kill my kids dutch quackers all in one night.... heartbreak (but I love a mongoose as a snake-killer!
    I appreciate your telling me the bracelets are sturdy... just the thing for me!

  13. Ok...that's it. I want to come to your house and SEE what's in those closets and cupboards of yours! Jeez! I think I'm just going to camp out on the floor until you're done posting.....:girlsigh:
  14. Ah, you gals are so sensible and full of good advice.... (well I don't know about gracekelly and shopmom of the Bag-a-Month brigade; funnily I had just posted about your bad influence on another thread!)
    And shopmom, I keep telling you all to come on over and we'll have a Hermes Safari!
  15. Wow, I'm glad to hear Ellen wore one low (although I'm darn sure her hips are a lot narrower than my 36"). The thing is there is not one Hermes shop on this continent and I cannot wait 5 weeks til I go to Europe. I have to have the belt NOW. And the biggest size Constance in alligator ..and and and..... (...and how to pay for all this?!)